Shiplap is definitely trending with Northern Virginia homeowners and that trend isn’t going to end anytime soon. There’s something about the classic beauty in the horizontal lines and detail that just appeals to so many people. Toss in the fact that shiplap is relatively easy to install, affordable and incredibly flexible, and you have a décor item that’s almost guaranteed a long run with professional and DIY designers.

At All American Painting Plus, we have been providing professional painting services to homes all across Northern Virginia, from Herndon to Reston to Arlington and everywhere in between. What we have noticed is that shiplap projects have not only become more popular, but they are taking on really creative twists.

As full-service interior painting contractors, our craftsmen can do more than just paint. The “Plus” in our name stands for the carpentry and installation services that we offer, which give us the capacity to tackle any shiplap project. We are experts in preparing, installing and painting shiplap and fiberwood planks.

Shiplap – It’s Not Just for Walls Anymore

When the trend began, shiplap projects were pretty simple. You wanted a space that would stand out and be set aside; if it was a wall, install shiplap planks on it. Today, the projects can be a bit more involved. Here are a few examples:

Kitchen Island

We have had several projects where our professional painters have cut the planks and installed them on kitchen islands. It’s a beautiful addition and fits right in to any kitchen theme. In fact, we have seen kitchen cabinets done in shiplap creating a welcoming, fun space.

Bathroom Wainscoting

While shiplap can work as wainscoting in any room, when it shows up in a bathroom it’s a surprise. Not surprisingly, it works well and sends the message that someone with a sense of design put some extra effort in this space.

Custom Beds

Here’s a way renters can have shiplap in their home without mounting it to the wall or cabinetry. In some instances, you can simply install shiplap on an existing bed to get a unique look in an otherwise traditionally decorated space. Others have had beds custom fabricated in shiplap.

Inside Pantries and Closets

Line the back of your pantry with shiplap. We are not sure why, but your pasta and tomatoes will look better. Add a clean sense of organization by installing shiplap inside standard closets and even walk-ins.

Laundry Room

If your laundry room is on the dark and dreary side, perk it up with bright white shiplap on the walls. Add a few shelves for supplies and suddenly your laundry room is a pleasant space.

If you are ready to jump on the shiplap bandwagon, you are going to want the assistance of a professional interior painter from the award-winning painting service that specializes in shiplap. At All American Painting Plus we are delighted to share our ideas on how best to use the material in your home, and which colors will have the results you are looking for. Our crews are experienced and exceptionally talented, and our pricing is surprisingly affordable.

Ready to explore adding the trending shiplap décor in your home? Give us a call now and let’s talk!