Putting your home on the market is no small decision. But when it’s time, you want to sell it for the highest value. A home’s market value depends on several factors, including location, square footage, features, recent renovations, and curb appeal. One of the most significant aspects of selling a home, however, is its interior painting. Different colors go in and out of style, and it can be difficult to keep up with the latest trends. If you’re thinking about selling your home, consider using these home interior colors.

Taupe Living Rooms

Recent research has shown that living rooms with neutral colors often sell best. Taupe –  a greyish-brown tone – is listed as one of the most popular. Why is this color so popular for living spaces? It’s easy enough to rule out darker living room colors, as they can make these spaces seem more confined and gloomy. But taupe living rooms also seem to outsell bright, vibrant colors. While some people prefer more color in their homes, it seems the average person prefers neutral tones. Living rooms are meant to be tranquil places for visiting with friends and family, reading a book, or watching entertainment. With this in mind, taupe makes perfect sense for interior house painting. It’s light enough to make the living room feel bigger and allows furniture, paintings, and ornamentation to stand out.

Light Blue Bathrooms

When it’s time to hire home painters, your attention probably jumps right to the living room and kitchen. But keep in mind that bathrooms are used just as much as these other important rooms. In recent years there has been a resurgent affinity for light blue bathrooms. These shades bring to mind the ocean or other aquatic imagery. Light blue comes off as very clean and serene. People enjoy their private time in the bathroom, so a peaceful color scheme is important. No one wants to feel uncomfortable in this space. If you want to increase the likelihood of selling your home, consider light blue residential painting for your bathrooms.

Contrast in Kitchens

The jury is somewhat out on the most valuable home interior colors for kitchens. It seems kitchen color trends change more rapidly than any other kind. Still, a good rule of thumb to follow for kitchen painting is to incorporate strong contrast, like contrasting flavors and textures in your favorite dishes. If the walls are painted light, paint the cabinets with a dark shade, or vice versa. The idea is to make the kitchen “pop” and make a deep impression. For a long time, white walls ruled the kitchen landscape. But people began to realize how much more difficult it was to maintain this. If you still want to maintain lighter, brighter shades for your kitchen, try a light gray-blue for the walls and contrast it with darker countertops and/or cabinets.

When in doubt, consult your painting services for color recommendations. These experienced painters may have some advice on the best home interior colors or color schemes. We at All American Painting Plus enjoy helping residents transform their interiors. Whether you’re getting ready to sell or just want an update, call us at 703-620-5563 or email us at info@aapplus.com for more information!