Painting your house may seem like an easy task at first, but there is a lot more to it than one would think. Without the proper preparation and supplies, all of your hard work may end up being wasted. To be sure that this never happens, follow these tips in order to prepare yourself and your home for a beautiful new interior paint job.

Protect Your Surroundings

The first step in painting preparation is protecting your belongings. This includes your furniture, floors, trim, and anything else that should not get paint on it. To do this, you will want to move everything into the center of the room, as far away from the walls as possible. If you are also painting the ceiling, then you will need to move everything into a different room.

Next, you want to lay down coverings. Place plastic or tarps around the entire floor, so as to eliminate the risk of having to redo your floors as well.

Once your furniture is out and your floor is covered, it is time to tape. This part of the process is important for new painters and can save you from making costly mistakes. Tape around the trim and any walls that should not be painted.

Prepare Yourself

Now that your belongings are protected, it is time to find some old clothes. Pick something that you know you won’t miss, because you are sure to get paint on it. If you can, choose white clothing so that the colors stand out better if you do spill. This will help you avoid smearing that drop of paint onto anything else.

Prepare the Surface For New Paint

You are now ready to get started on the walls. Be sure to inspect every area that will be painted. Check for loose or cracking paint. Using sandpaper or a scraper, remove the loose paint in order to create a nice, smooth surface perfect for a new coat.

Gather Materials

Once the walls are ready to be painted, it is time to bring in all of your supplies. Be sure to include primer, stir sticks, a paint can opener, brushes, rollers, a paint tray, gloves, a couple of cloths, a retractable pole, and of course, the paint of your choice. Once you have all of these materials and they are set up in an easy and convenient way, it is time to start transforming your walls.


In order to help hide imperfections, provide a nice coat to adhere to, and to help your paint last, the experts at All American Painting Plus suggest priming the walls before you paint. Be sure to pick the right primer. You can choose between a water-based primer for new drywall or an oil-based primer for walls that may have picked up some stains over the years.

Paint Corners and Trim

You are finally now ready to start painting. First, you want to grab your brush and get into all of the corners, areas next to the trim, and any tight places that you won’t be able to get to with your roller. Once you have painted this border, it is time to get your roller and complete your transformation!