Some stress is actually good for the body. We need the fight or flight chemicals of adrenaline and norepinephrine to strengthen our hearts, prevent infection, and improve performance. The operative word here is “some.” A deadline for an important project is easier handled if you have a sense of stress attached to it. Dodging an oncoming car when stepping off a curb is assisted by the fight or flight response kicking in.

You get the picture. But if you live in Northern Virginia, we suspect you get more than your share of “some” stress on an almost daily basis. Hopefully it’s all little stuff, but wouldn’t it be nice to come home in the evening and step into a house that immediately began to reduce stress and make you feel more relaxed?

We can help you with that.

Professional Painters- The Stress Reducers

Just like stress can turn on the adrenaline, colors can turn it off and tell your brain to chill out. At All American Painting Plus, an award-winning residential painting contractor, we’ve seen the effect that a calming color scheme can have on an otherwise riotous room. Furnishings are important in setting the tone of a space, but they aren’t anywhere near as important as the color on the walls and ceilings.

If you would like to come home to a calming, relaxing oasis, consider hiring the experienced, professional painters at All American Painting Plus. A simple interior painting project can create a whole new atmosphere that says, “kick your shoes off and relax.”

You’re familiar with the saying “seeing red.” It connotes anger, stress, and rage because red evokes those emotions. On the other hand, you’ve never heard anyone say “seeing pale blue” or “seeing gray-green with blue undertones” to express rage. That’s because these colors, and many others, are associated with calm and relaxation. They are what you need on your walls to create your own cool casa.


Not royal purple but a chalky, muted hue that is both calming and relaxing. You can tone it up or down, making it either light and airy or warm and welcoming.

Pale Gray

Gray is so versatile. It can look institutional, but in the hands of skilled interior house painters, it can become the most relaxing color in the house, particularly if it is paired with white and blue.

Cool Blue

Perhaps the strongest stress-reducing color in the spectrum. A shade of blue that reminds you of water or the sky sucks the stress out. If you believe in feng shui, it will also slow your heart rate and reduce blood pressure.


Just another way to say blue-green, but delightfully calming just the same. Works well in either a bathroom or a bedroom.

Pale Pink

It’s not just for little girls’ bedrooms. It is impossible to remain stressed out when you are surrounded by pale pink.

Our Professional Painting Services Make the Difference

Color can be calming and relaxing, but color is all about appearance. There is a world of difference between a slap-dash DIY interior painting job and the careful surface preparation and skilled application of a professional painter.

We suggest you call us at All American Painting Plus today so we can get started on the transformation. We know you will be delighted with the results, and we think you’ll be surprised at just how affordable we are. Call us now!