Though the new year doesn’t start until January, September often feels like a true new beginning for most of us. School picks back up, the weather swiftly shifts, leaves start to change, and families reunite over holiday meals and festivities. As fall refreshes us once more, it might be time to refresh our homes with some new paint. Let’s take a look at 7 interior painting projects to tackle this season.

1. Prepare the Dining Room for Guests

If you’re playing host this holiday season, you want your home’s interior to look its best. In these times of family and feasting, no room is more important than the dining room. The brighter the better. White walls can work, but they risk getting smudged by sticky fingers and food stains. Reds, yellows, and oranges are warm, inviting colors, perfect for Thanksgiving dinner. Or keep things neutral and open with beiges and off-whites.

2. Paint the Blinds

It might sounds odd at first, but painting your blinds or curtains can really make a statement. If you want to breathe new energy into your living room, kitchen, or dining room, consider using paint, stencils, rollers, sponges, and brushes to stamp designs on your plain blinds. In the fall, leaf patterns look great, while floral patterns will brighten up a room in any season. Who knew home painting could be so fun?

3. Transform the Basement into a Rec Room

If you’ve been thinking about updating your basement for a while, now is the perfect time to do it. With a new school year starting and holidays on the way, you can expect a lot more company. When your kids have friends over, you’ll want them to have an open space to play games, get a little wild, and have fun. Paint the walls with bold colors– blues, reds, and greens usually do the trick. You can ask your kids for help as you paint. Maybe they’ll want to add some designs to the walls to make this space unique. The basement is a great place to get a bit unconventional and loose.

4. Give Your Kids a Fresh Study Space

Back to school means new things to learn and plenty of homework and reading to do. Your kids might not want to do their homework, but you can help them out by giving them a comfortable, quiet place to study. If you already have a spare room, consult a painting service and figure out which colors are most conducive to focus and learning. Try blues or dark greens for this room.

5. Make some Art

You might need to rely on professional painters for large interior painting projects, but there are some projects you can do on your own this fall. If you’re feeling inspired by the season, invest in some art supplies, such as canvas, paint, and some new brushes. Create some art that will match the space where you want to display it. Maybe you want to paint a still life of fall foods to hang in the kitchen or dining room. Perhaps you want to paint something abstract with a specific color scheme to match your bedroom or living room walls. Get creative!

6. Liven up The Kids’ Rooms with Unique Patterns

As your kids enter a new school year, they’ll likely make new friends, gather new interests, and try new things. The way their bedroom looked last year might not fit who they are this year. This fall, ask them if there’s anything they’d want to change. Consider ditching traditional wall painting and instead try implementing patterns like different colored squares, lines, or something else. If you need help bringing this vision to life, interior house painters can help do it right.

7. Revamp Your Kitchen for Holiday Cooking

If the dining room is the most important room of the holiday season, the kitchen has to be a close second. If nothing else, you’ll probably spend a lot of time making delicious meals there for family and friends. Maybe it’s time to give the space a new coat of paint. Introduce some red and orange tones for a seasonal look. Rich browns will work year round for a more organic look.

There are plenty of ways to enrich your home’s interior this season. You might not be able to tackle all these projects at once, but even one or two can make a big difference. All American Painting Plus, Inc. is happy to help you with any and all painting projects this fall. Contact us by calling 703-620-5563, or email us at!