You may not have thought about the phrase “lead paint” in decades. Lead house paint has been illegal in the United States since 1978, though lead is still used in road and traffic paints. The problem is, though you won’t see cans of lead paint lining the shelves of your local hardware store, it could be on the walls in your home. If you house was built before 1978, chances are you still have tiny lead particles bound up in the paint on your walls, or lurking behind the wallpaper. What’s the worry and what’s to be done about it? We’ll examine the risks and remedies below.

The Function and Hazards of Lead Paint

The use of lead in household paint started out as a great idea. Lead was found to decrease drying time, increase durability, and give the final product a nice shiny finish. This was all well and good, until the lead particles in paint were found to impair Central Nervous System growth in children, as well as other lesser dangers to general body development and kidney function. In some children, ADHD has been found to be the result of lead poisoning resulting from peeling paint in old homes.

Peeling and chipping paint causes the danger to be released. When lead paint is bound up in a pristine layer of wall paint, it poses no immediate threat. But when that layer is compromised, lead particles are released into the air and onto all the surfaces around the wall. From here, lead particles may be inhaled or eaten, eventually leading to the developmental disorders we described above. Lead toxicity doesn’t pose as many problems to adults, but it is a real danger for children.

Remedying Lead Paint in Your Home

If your home was built before 1978, you are probably wondering whether or not lead paint still exists in the house. Fortunately, it is easy and affordable to test for the presence of lead paint. Following a positive test, there are a number of ways to proceed.

If you have very little lead paint in your house, if the lead paint is in good condition (no chips), and/or if you don’t have any children in your home, you may have nothing to worry about. On the other hand, if lead paint presents a major health hazard to people in your home, it is crucial that the situation be remedied. Fortunately for you, All American Painting Plus can remove your lead paint and perform an entirely new interior paint job in its place.

All American Painting Plus and Lead Paint

Lead Paint removal requires licenses and very careful, clean work. All American Painting Plus delivers on both counts. Call us if you want to know whether or not lead paint is in your home. If you already know that lead paint is present, we’ll be happy to set an appointment to quickly remove it from your home, replacing it with safe, modern paint in any colors you choose. If you would like to start the conversation about lead paint in your home, call All American Painting Plus today.