One thing that All American Painting Plus loves about Virginia is the weather! Living in the southeast is especially convenient for deck owners because almost every month of the year provides ‘deck weather.’ If you are a deck owner, we know that your deck is in many ways an extension of the interior of your home. Whether you use your deck for family meals, private relaxation, or entertaining guests, it is important to treat your deck with as much care as you would treat any other room of your house. This can be difficult, as your deck is constantly taking wear and tear from the elements, but hopefully we can make this job a little easier for you with our recommendations for year-round deck maintenance. Whether you’re thinking about installing a deck, or have noticed that it might be time to make some improvements, these necessary deck maintenance tips will ensure that your deck is looking great throughout the year!


The best way to maintain your deck is by ensuring that it is installed well. Proper planning and consideration on the front end will likely save you a lot of maintenance hassle in the long run. Wood isn’t indestructible – it’s actually very vulnerable to the elements – so preparing your deck for the weather right from the start would be extremely wise. Installing treated wood is a great way to deter insects and decay that threaten the life span of your deck. Make sure that your deck is sanded before painting, as this will greatly increase the value you get out of its paint job. This also applies to existing deck owners who are thinking about repainting. Cleaning your deck with a thorough power wash will ensure that paint, stain, or sealant will last longer. After you install your deck, there are a few more things you should consider for protecting your new investment.


There are a lot of options when it comes to protecting your deck from rot and aging. We know that deciding on sealants, paints, or stains can be overwhelming and we can help make this process a little easier on you. All American Painting Plus has all the knowledge you need to decide which deck protection option is right for your deck. Paint can usually protect your deck for ten years but is harder to apply. In addition, paint doesn’t respond as well as stain to high foot traffic, so depending on how much your desk will be used, paint may or may not be the right choice for you. Stains won’t last as long as paint, but they are easier to apply. If you want to maintain the grain of your deck’s wood, they are a perfect option. Whether you decide to paint or stain, you’ll want to hire a professional painting company like AAPP for your job.


Constant maintenance is actually constant restoration! You’ll ensure that your deck looks great all year long by simply sweeping every few days. A quick sweep will rid your deck of things like pollen or wet leaves that can lead to decay. Visual inspections are also a good regular maintenance practice. Look out for damaged or sunken planks or signs of decay or discoloration. Often, catching these signs early will lead to an easy fix and avoid stressful and costly restoration projects. Don’t know exactly what to look for? Our professional contractors are trained to diagnose potential needs for your deck’s restoration. Occasional power washing is one of the best things you can do to keep your deck healthy and looking great. A good wash will deep clean away any harmful bacteria or mold and preserve the paint or stain you’ve put on your deck. All American Painting Plus specializes in power washing as well as other plus services that will make your home maintenance a breeze!

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