It’s no secret that businesses should invest in a new coat of paint when things start to fade, chip, and/or peel. The right painting services can transform a business inside and out, bringing it back to life. However, waiting until the last second to paint over worn down surfaces is a poor strategy. Customers and employees don’t want to spend their time in a place that seems neglected, after all. And paint deterioration can lead to health and safety issues as well.

In other words, businesses should invest in maintenance painting – regular touch-ups that keep the exterior and interior looking fresh. Let’s look at several ways in which maintenance painting is good for business.

Attract More Customers

Customers care about how a business looks. For one thing, it’s more pleasant to walk around a bright, clean, well-lit storefront. But more importantly, a well-kempt business speaks volumes for its values and self-respect. People are more likely to trust and recommend a business that maintains its appearance in this way. All of this adds up to a larger pool of customers and therefore increased sales, yielding a solid return on investment for hiring maintenance painting services.

Employee Happiness, Productivity, and Retention

Consumers aren’t the only group of people a business must think about, however. Without its workers, a business cannot operate. And just like customers, employees pay attention to their workplace’s aesthetic. Businesses run a huge risk by failing to invest in maintenance painting services and by neglecting their workplace until it’s absolutely necessary. By the time it hires a commercial painting company, it might have already lost some of its employees. And even if it retains its workers through other means, a deteriorating workplace dampens productivity and puts everyone in a worse mood.

On the other hand, painting over surfaces on a regular basis ensures that a business always looks its best. And because employees have to spend the most time in this space, maintenance painting plays a major role in retaining employees and maintaining a productive workplace. These are essential elements to running a successful organization.

Increase Structure Longevity

A huge chunk of a business’ costs is in keeping the lights on. The integrity of its physical structures must be carefully maintained, or it will have to close its doors. Exterior and interior painting might seem like purely aesthetic measures, but they’re protective measures as well. Paint acts as a seal that keeps moisture and other elements away from a building’s surface. As paint erodes over time, it leaves the underlying structure vulnerable to these elements, which can quickly lead to rot, mold, mildew, physical damage, and more. One of the main goals of maintenance painting, then, is to protect a building’s exterior and interior.

Save Money in the Long Run

Everything listed above ultimately helps businesses increase profits and reduce costs. Maintenance painting is a big money saver in the long run. Damage can still occur, of course, but when a building is regularly protected, the risk of severe, costly damage is greatly reduced. Plus, retaining employees cuts down on the time and resources spent finding new recruits and training each one.

Businesses have to focus on a number of things in order to be successful. They must bring in customers, employ a strong workforce, and maintain their infrastructure, just to name a few. Investing in regular interior and exterior painting helps achieve all of these things. All American Painting Plus has been helping businesses in Northern Virginia maintain the beauty and safety of their storefronts and offices for nearly two decades. To learn more about all that our professional painters do, give us a call at (703)-620-5563!