As a business owner, you probably know that vandalism can become a major drain on your bottom line. According to the EPA, the national annual cost of dealing with graffiti and related damage is in the tens of billions. While there’s no way to oust graffiti entirely, it’s in your business’ best interest to keep it away. But what should you do, exactly? In addition to posting signage and heightening your security measures, there are other ways to prevent the damage done by vandals, and an exterior painting company can help. Let’s go over some of these ways to keep your property well-guarded against graffiti.

The Faster You Act, the Better

First thing’s first: whenever you encounter graffiti on your property, don’t wait to take care of it. The longer you wait, the more the paint will settle, making removal more difficult. Plus, leaving up tags sends a signal to other vandals that your property is open season for further street art. Knowing what to do will help you address the issue promptly and avoid further problems.

Different Methods for Different Surfaces

Next, the methods you use to prevent or remove graffiti should depend on the surface in question. For instance, more porous surfaces absorb the paint, making them harder to clean, and removing graffiti from glass can permanently damage the surface. Additionally, power washing certain types of surfaces such as brick can damage them, too. So, before you begin taking care of graffiti, make sure your actions won’t do even more harm in the process.

Cover it Up

The most basic way to deal with graffiti is to paint over it. As such, it’s a good idea to have some extra matching paint (the same brand and color) on hand to perform any touch-ups when necessary. Of course, if your property gets tagged on a regular basis, this maintenance painting can become unreasonably costly. Plus, not all graffiti is easy to paint over, especially if it includes darker colors than the normal shade of your exterior. When in doubt, hiring an exterior painting contractor can help you properly conceal graffiti, but they might suggest that you take a more proactive approach as well.

Apply Anti-Graffiti Coatings

One such proactive approach to combating vandalism is to install anti-graffiti coatings on your property. Spray paint has a hard time bonding to these coatings. Unlike regular paint, these sacrificial coatings are meant to be temporary, easily removed if necessary and taking the graffiti along with them. Anti-graffiti coatings go on clear, so they’re undetectable to the eye and won’t alter the work of your commercial painting contractors. While these coatings are effective and easy to clean, once they’re removed, a new coating must be applied. That said, you can also invest in more permanent anti-graffiti coatings, though these are naturally more expensive than sacrificial ones. When applied and maintained properly, a permanent coating will stay in place after removing any residual graffiti.

Power Wash Your Surfaces

Generally speaking, you want to use the gentlest method possible to get rid of graffiti. But when it comes to stubborn spray paint, mere scrubbing won’t suffice. For surfaces that can withstand the heat, pressure, and chemicals of power washing, this is a powerful way to blast away graffiti. When seeking painting companies to help you with your graffiti problem, see if they also offer power washing services. This way, you can call on a reliable contractor to not only clear away unwanted street art, but also keep your property clean as a whole.

Protect Your Business Physically and Financially

From an outsider’s perspective, graffiti can be fun to view and quite impressive, but it’s the last thing you want on your business or home. With the right resources and approach, you can keep your property clear of graffiti and other unwanted markings. If you’re looking for a professional approach to maintenance painting and cleaning, look no further than All American Painting Plus.

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