It takes time and money to get your house painted. Whether you are painting inside or out, residential painting requires the homeowner to deal with some inconvenient realities. In the event of a major interior painting project, residents may have to work around wet paint, scaffolding and heady paint fumes – if they don’t have to vacate the premises entirely!

It’s a lot to go through whatever the case. When you get your house painted, you want to make sure that this investment lasts a long time. There’s nothing worse than paying for a new coat of paint, only to realize it has to be changed in a year or two. If you are planning to get your house painted in the coming months, here are three ways to make sure this paint job lasts!


  • Choose the Right Colors! This might not be the option that immediately leaps to mind, but it is one of the most important. When people choose the best paint colors for their residential project, these colors age well through the coming months and years. Trendy and eccentric colors may look great in a year or two….or they might not. If you want to have colors that appeal to future tastes, look at the colors that have been appreciated throughout history. Neutrals (like whites and greys), gentle blues, soft yellows – these are the colors that tend to look the best as time goes by. Pick the right one so you’re not tempted to paint over six months down the line!


  • Use Quality Materials! Paint is paint, right? Wrong! Paint comes in many different levels of quality. If you are not accustomed to buying and using paint, you likely can’t look at a store shelf full of options and immediately know the best product for your project. It’s important to do your research and, if possible, consult professional help. Even if we don’t do the work for you, All American Painting Plus will be more than happy to help you choose the right products for your residential paint job.


  • Find a Way to Do Professional Grade Work! As with any work that can be done with your hands, doing quality painting takes knowledge and experience. If you don’t have those, you’ll have to do a lot of learning before your painting can be of sufficient quality to stand the test of time. Alternately, you can just hire the pros. All American Painting Plus is committed to doing world-class paint work for all of our clients. A professional paint job will look better and last longer than sloppy efforts.

Paint jobs that stand the test of time are performed by professionals (or people with similar skills), completed with quality materials and designed with colors that will appeal to many different kinds of people for many years to come. Lacking one or more of these requirements, a paint project will not be satisfactory, and will certainly not be worth the time and effort that went into making it happen.