The colors used to decorate a space can actually shape the appearance of a room. Different paint colors, and even different shades of the same color, provide a variety of effects. Generally speaking, lighter and cooler colors tend to recede; they appear farther away. Conversely, darker colors and warm colors seem closer. Using that concept, a professional painter can make a space appear larger or smaller, draw attention to positive features, and minimize attention to not-so-attractive features.

One room feature, which has an enormous impact on how the room appears, often goes ignored and that’s the ceiling. Odds are, the color of your Northern Virginia home’s ceiling paint throughout the house is white. White with an eggshell finish is a builder’s color of choice in new construction. White is a light color and the ceiling will appear higher than it actually is.

Your ceiling’s square footage is equal to or greater than the square footage of your flooring. You know how floor coverings impact décor, and it’s important to recognize that the “Fifth Wall,” your ceiling, can have a significant impact on your décor as well.

Here are some examples of how to handle each situation:

If Your Ceiling Seems Too High

If you want to turn a room into a cozy den, or if your furniture seems too small because the ceiling seems too high, just apply a darker, warmer color to bring it down. You don’t have to go crazy with color. If the ceiling is white, repaint with a darker, warmer shade like ivory, bone, or cream.

If a Room Seems Too Narrow

If you have a space that feels more like a bowling alley than a residential room, try painting the two smaller walls (ends of the oblong) a darker warmer shade. You want the long walls to be a lighter color. This will give the impression of shortening and widening the room.

If Your Ceiling Seems Too Low

If your ceiling seems lower than you would like and it’s already a white color, you can try a brighter white or take an alternative approach. At All American Painting Plus we have found that a light shade of sky blue is popular and it has the ceiling raising effect desired. The same can be saint for light, semi-gloss shades of yellow and green.

When It’s Time to Paint a Ceiling You Need a Professional Painting Service

Applying ceiling paint requires more skill and experience than painting a wall. In fact, for an amateur, it can be downright dangerous. Unless you have a very low ceiling, there is going to be ladder work involved and that can always be risky. Your attention will be looking up and you’ll have to negotiate (often backwards) furniture and other obstacles on the floor.

You can avoid disappointing results, frustration, and possible injury by calling the award winning residential interior painting contractors at All American Painting Plus. We can assist in color selections and our professional painters will deliver a finished product that will exceed your expectations.

We are fast, professional, and we clean up after ourselves. You are sure to be delighted. Call us today.