Are you considering a new look for a room or two in your Northern Virginia home? If you are, you want to give some serious consideration to color selection. Why? Because the color you choose will play an important role on how the people in that room feel. Study after study has shown that humans react emotionally to color so what you put on your walls (and ceiling) will influence the mood of the room.

Picking a color is the one aspect of an interior painting project that creates the most anxiety, partly because today the choices are almost infinite. To give you a little guidance, the residential painting contractors at award winning All American Painting Plus are happy to give you a quick guide to the color wheel and an understanding of the effect these primary colors have on people.

Set the Mood You Want Using These Colors

Our professional interior house painters have been enhancing the décor for homeowners all over Northern Virginia for more than a dozen years. They know that the color of the paint will not only set the tone, it can actually change the way people perceive the size of a room. Color is a powerful influencer.

With that said, here are six colors and a brief description of how each is perceived by most people:

  1. Blue. A calming color that encourages relaxed and serene feelings, it has even been associated with lowering blood pressure. A master bedroom might be a great place to receive a calming coat of blue paint.
  2. Yellow. A favorite color for kitchens as it brightens the mood and gives you energy even before you’ve had your first cup of coffee. Yellow is an optimistic color and a perfect hue to start the day.
  3. Purple. Deep purples give off a very romantic, mysterious and luxurious vibe and are great for sparking creativity. However, if you are trying to create a mood that lets your mind relax, a lighter shade of purple, like lavender, may be a better choice.
  4. White. While this is the ultimate neutral color and as such has no emotional response tied to it, white does connote the idea of cleanliness. That’s why you see bathrooms with white trim and walls. White also expands the size of a room (another reason to use it in bathrooms).
  5. Green. Associated with prosperity, green is also a relaxing color. A shade of green is frequently used in home offices.
  6. Orange. This is a stretch. Orange generates energy and excitement. If you have a home gym, this is the color for you. You might consider painting the interior of your garage where all the “to do” tools like rakes, mower, etc. are located.

Professional painters will tell you the colors you select will determine how happy you’ll be with the end result, even if you have had an exceptional painting business prepare the surfaces and apply the paint. Take your time while selecting paint colors. Consider painting a piece of wall board or poster board and placing it up against the wall to get a feel for how it will look.

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