It can be hard to keep up with the latest trends. But if your home’s paint job is in need of a serious update, you’ll want to know which colors and palettes are currently in style. Overall, it seems that 2019 color trends are ditching the gaudy in favor of simpler, elegant hues. Let’s take a look at the most popular home interior painting colors for the coming year.

Appealing Pastels

There is something calming about pastels. These soft, delicate shades never overwhelm the eye, and they always feel welcoming. Sherwin-Williams’ pastel 2019 palette features colors that will work in any room of a home. Blue Sky has a hint of gray and green perfect for bathrooms. Less green, Celestial would also work for bathrooms. Elation and Extra White are different shades of off-white perfect for spacious living rooms, while Dark Night, a deep forest green tone would make for a more intimate space. Whether dark or light, these pastels will modernize any home for 2019.

Earthy, Nutty, and Rooted Tones

Continuing the theme of less-dazzling colors, another 2019 home painting trend is a return to natural earthy hues. Clays, browns, beiges, and blue-grays combine to exude a western feel. For those who enjoy decorating their interiors with plant life (especially succulents and cacti), Sherwin-Williams’ Cavern Clay, Origami White, and Moth Wing are perfect backdrops. If you’re looking to create a more cozy atmosphere, you can’t go wrong with rooted colors.

Traditional Colors

Some palettes and colors seem to never go out of style. Like pastels and earthy tones, traditional house painting colors are relaxing, warm, and rich. If this is the type of atmosphere you want for your living room, bedroom, kitchen, or bathroom, consider buttery tones like Ancestral Gold or Taupe. Paint the walls Merlot to match your nightly wine drinking ritual. Or, go with Copper tones in your kitchen to bring out the colors and beauty of your favorite dishes. These traditional colors might be trending in 2019, but they’ll never really look outdated.

A Resurgence of Simplicity

2019 might be the year where simplicity, elegance, and minimalism truly rule the residential painting world. So far we’ve mentioned pastels, earthy colors, and traditional tones, all of which stray from the flashy and tend toward the uncomplicated. But it can get even simpler than that.

White has always been a staple of homes, as it allows more light to come in and makes spaces appear larger than they are. But in 2019 all shades and variations of white may be more popular than ever. Many young homeowners of the millennial generation seem to prefer a less-is-more attitude. There has been a rise in plant decoration, simple wooden furniture, and minimal accessories. White walls complement this style well and keep a room looking clean, pure, and modern.

Of course, your tastes are your own. Nothing dictates that in 2019 you must hire painting services to revamp your home with these particular colors or palettes. But, if it’s time to hire a painting service for any reason, All American Painting Plus is happy to ring in the new year with you. We will update your home and so much more. Call us at 703-620-5563 or email us at for more information!