When thinking about interior design, we often get caught up with color, furniture, and the way things are organized. While these factors matter greatly, moulding ties an interior together perhaps more than anything else. If this seems like an overstatement, let’s look at 5 ways moulding improves interior design.

1. Moulding Hides All the Gaps

We may take them for granted, but baseboards and crown mouldings instantly enhance a room’s aesthetic appeal by covering the gaps between walls, floors, and ceilings. Of course, there are more gaps than these. Moulding also conceals the seams created by doors and windows. Framing them this way doesn’t just look good, it also helps secure these doors and windows in place. Plus, moulding covers home painting mistakes in these areas as well.

2. Chair Rails are Fashionable and Functional

Chair rail mouldings aren’t as ubiquitous as baseboards or crown mouldings, but they too serve a purpose. Namely, chair rail mouldings help guard walls against scrapes and scratches from furniture. But just because they’re functional doesn’t mean they can’t look good, too. Chair rails can help create strong visual accents, bisecting a wall into two colors or materials, adding a dynamic layer to the interior painting job.

3. Different Designs to Match the Atmosphere

When planning your interior design, the more options you have, the better. And there’s certainly no shortage of options when it comes to moulding types. There’s a design, shape, and material for every occasion, from decorative dentils to round rosettes. The more elaborate designs will make the classically-minded designer happy, while the simpler styles will please minimalists and modernists.

4. Accentuate Features and Furnishings

Space is everything when it comes to interior design. Layout falls under this category, but so does framing. Most homes benefit from hanging art or other features bolted to the walls, such as lamps, clocks, or shelves. Moulding, when framed around these features, draws the eye and adds symmetry to the interior. This might be as simple as rectangular protrusions on the lower or upper half of the walls. It could also be more ornate with intersecting lines, curves, or designs. Whatever the case, moulding serves to accentuate the walls themselves or any features attached to the walls.

5. Make the Drab Decorative

While professional painters can do a lot to improve a home’s interior design, more can always be done. Carefully constructed moulding, however, provides a relatively simple solution for adding some flavor to an otherwise bland interior. The best part is that it can take place just about anywhere. Consider how well-crafted moulding could enhance the look of a staircase. Suddenly the stairs become inviting and artistic as well as functional. The same can apply for shelving, entertainment centers, and kitchen cabinets. Moulding, no matter how simple, makes things pop.

Revamp Your Entire Interior

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