If you run a brick and mortar business that receives customers and/or clients, it’s important to think about the optics of your facility. The outer upkeep of your building or buildings sends a message to your customers before they even set foot inside your facility. The same holds true for schools, churches, and public buildings, as well as for homeowners hoping to make a quick sale.

No matter who you are, the state of your paint is an important way to give the right impression to potential customers. Here are some of the ways that this works.

Exterior Paint as an Expression of Your Values

Just as you expect professional people in the public eye to dress well, your business should have a paint job that sends the right signals. All American Painting Plus’ painting contractors do commercial paint work everyday, so we know how much of a difference a new coat of paint can make to a business’ exterior.

You may be used to the way your business looks, whether or not it looks good to other people. If you aren’t sure whether or not to invest in a new coat of paint, why not ask for advice from people you trust (friends, family, your own customers). If your exterior paint looks sloppy or out of date, it probably isn’t in keeping with your personal values. Send the right message to your customers and give it an update!

Exterior Paint as an Extension of Your Brand

All too often, we see businesses that have exterior paint which has nothing to do with their brand. Sometimes this is because the owner bought a building and never changed the exterior color. Other times the original paint job selected no longer matches the ways in which the brand has evolved.

Whatever the case, the colors of your building should match the colors of your brand, inside and out. One great piece of business advice we heard years ago is that a business should be so organized that it could be franchised, even if the owner never plans to do so. If you look at any franchised business around, you’ll note that the color schemes are uniform from the paint on the outside of the building to the colors chosen for the website. If your commercial building doesn’t have this kind of brand unity, it’s time to change things for the better!

There are lots of reasons to get a new coat of paint. Maybe you just need a change, feeling tired of an old or faded coat of paint. In most cases, however, a new paint job is even more important for the impressions it gives to other people, especially if you own a business. If the paint on the outside and inside of your business doesn’t reflect your values or your brand identity, it’s time to invest in something new. All American Painting Plus can help you create the perfect plan, and can execute it quickly and affordably. Call us to get started today!