All American Painting Plus knows that your business is an extremely important part of your life, which is why we’ve loved serving businesses in the Northern Virginia area. Whether you’ve already decided or you’re considering repainting your business, we want to give you the tools you need to make sure you pick the right color for the exterior of your business. Most customers make a judgement about a business before they even walk in the doors, so your building’s curb appeal should be just that – appealing. The most important thing is that your business’s exterior paint job is inviting and well maintained, but you can speak to your customers about your business through its color as well. Here are our favorite commercial exterior colors in the Northern Virginia area:

Warm Red

While you’ll want to avoid a bright, aggressive red for the outside of your business, warmer, more subtle reds are comforting and welcoming to the eye. A color like burgundy also connotes a sense of sophistication that will give your customers confidence that they will experience top quality service. Warm red carries a historical mood that complements the history of Northern Virginia, giving the sense that your business has stood the test of time.

Deep Blue

It’s not just for interiors! We think deep blue is great for commercial exteriors because it’s so peaceful. The calming effect of this color is perfect for health clinics or insurance offices. Deep blue is professional and strong, and looks great in any setting or season.


Brown is also a good year-round color, conveying stability, honesty, and reliability. If you want your customers to feel like they can trust your business before they even step foot in your office, consider going with a shade of brown! Brown is one of our favorites because it is so flexible and works for so many different types of businesses, whether they’re executive offices or small shops.

Soft Yellow

Soft yellow is inspiring and hopeful! Not only would this color bring positive feelings to your customers, but also to your employees. It’s gentle and light, and if this fits your brand, then it might be a great color for your business.


Quite simply, neutrals are great for businesses because they have stood the test of time. Neutrals work well for commercial properties for so many reasons – the main one being that neutrals blend well with their surroundings. Whether you’re located near a more conservative residential area, or are surrounded by lots of other commercial buildings, a neutral exterior would blend well with your surroundings and avoid bad attention. On top of this, neutrals are a safe choice if you have external hardware on your building (like balconies or decks) that would clash with a bolder color choice. Want to complement the landscaping around your business? A neutral color choice would lend it the attention it deserves. However, one factor to consider is that a neutral paint job might need to be cleaned more often.

The exterior paint job of your business is one of its most important assets and deserves to be treated that way. It’s not worth a gamble. Call our professional painters today to start transforming your business!