Here at All American, we love color and we love fall – especially in Virginia – so why not post about both at the same time! Fall is an exciting time of the year for a number of reasons: football season, cozy weather (hopefully), and a burst of new color all around us! Yep, the leaves are changing by the day and you might be interested in making some changes of your own around the house. Whether you’re thinking about a small interior project, or painting your home’s exterior, the new colors outside could provide some helpful inspiration. We’ve taken the time here to note our favorite fall colors and we think that any of them would be perfect for whatever painting project you’re considering!

Burnt Orange

Ah yes, the classic fall color. We love the burnt orange of fall because it is cozy but still exciting. If you’re thinking about repainting a room in your home, consider this color. Burnt orange is welcoming without being too stimulating, and it works for entire rooms or for accent walls. We’d suggest burnt orange in rooms where you want guests to feel welcomed, like the living room or dining room, but the choice is yours!


Yellow is also an exciting fall color! It’s a little more stimulating than burnt orange, so you’ll want to use it in moderation. Nothing cheers us up more on a rainy fall day than seeing the bold yellow leaves – wouldn’t it be nice to have that in your home? Yellow is a very adaptable color and it’s great for accenting rooms – not just with paint. It’s sure to liven up your house and set a happy and cheerful tone in whatever room you use it in.


Brown is one of our favorite fall colors because it is SO versatile. It also happens to be one of the most popular colors used on exterior home paint jobs. It is a safe choice and blends in well with landscapes and other residences. Brown also complements other exterior materials like brick and stone extremely well. If you’re painting the inside of your home, brown would look good almost anywhere and in any quantity. Any tone of brown is extremely complementary – meaning that furnishing a room with brown paint would be a breeze. It’s also easy to accent brown paint with carpentry like crown molding to give your room the finishing touch it needs!


Reds are also versatile in residential painting. You can use red to make a bold statement, add a cozy feel, or give a little flare to any room in your house. Similar to yellow, red is a stimulating color, so use it in moderation. Pick a red to paint your front door to both instantly make your home more welcoming and give it more curb appeal and resale value!

At All American Painting Plus, we’re committed to excellent customer service, prompt and clear communication, and precision work. We love working with our customers to achieve the perfect paint job for their home. If you’ve found yourself inspired by the fall foliage, give us a call! We’d love to help you with your next painting project, or any other related projects!