Businesses that invest in a new coat of paint for their offices every now and then tend to have happier, more productive employees. It can’t be overstated how much of an impact such a simple change of interior painting can have on a workplace. However, the process of painting an office itself is often anything but simple. With so many moving parts (employee schedules, client meetings, furniture, etc.), it can be difficult to find the proper time to get the job done. Moreover, in order to protect their new investment, businesses must try to ensure that their office’s new paint job remains in good shape after the paint dries.

What Does Clean Up Entail for Office Painting?

All painting jobs, whether residential or commercial, require proper preparation before painting begins. If you own or manage an office, your workplace might be all jumbled during the project so that commercial painting contractors can easily access all paintable surfaces and avoid getting paint on other objects. Desks, tables, chairs, computers, equipment, etc. will either be out of the room or out of the way and covered.

After the paint job is complete, one of the largest parts of clean up involves reorganizing your office once more. Most professional painters will at the very least move furniture and other heavy objects back where they belong after they vacuum any dust or particles and pick up their tools and drop cloths. But you know your office’s layout and workflow better than anyone, so you and your team will probably have to do some additional arranging and cleaning if things are out of place.

Maintaining Your Office After Painting

In the grand scheme of things, cleaning up your office after painting is a minor task, though. It might take the better part of a day to straighten the place back out, if that. The much larger and more important task is maintaining the new paint job so it lasts for several years and remains bright and beautiful.

There are plenty of things to consider when maintaining an office paint job, even more than a residential paint job. Every workplace is different. Some are more active, some contain more employees, some welcome guests, and so on. With all of these variables at play, it can be difficult to keep your painted walls and surfaces protected from harm.

You can’t control everyone or everything that happens, of course. But you can establish some ground rules for your office just after the paint has dried. Post signs near newly painted surfaces that let your employees know the surfaces are still delicate. Then, set up a maintenance regimen for cleaning these surfaces on a regular basis (but wait two to three weeks before cleaning so the paint has time to fully adhere). You may rotate employees to dust and scrub surfaces once a week, or you might have dedicated maintenance staff to handle this task when needed.

If severe damage should occur, such as peeling paint or drywall damage, hire a reliable contractor as soon as possible to repair and/or touch up any surfaces that need it. Some commercial painting professionals, like All American Painting Plus, handle these additional aspects of office maintenance and repair, too.

Need More Advice or Assistance?

Taking care of your office is important for your business’ reputation and your employees’ productivity. Painting your office is a great start, but maintaining that paint job is just as important, if not even more. Make sure you and your staff are on board for this task.

If you want more tips on cleaning and maintaining your office after an interior paint job, or you need help with touch-ups, repairs, or painting in general, All American Painting Plus has you covered. To learn more about our painting services and everything else we do, give us a call at (703)-620-5563!