The outside of our homes can take quite the beating over the years. Wind, rain, snow, excessive sunlight, and other environmental factors all take their toll on a house’s exterior paint. Of course, a house’s curb appeal is a major variable in calculating its worth. So, you don’t want to let that paint fade, chip, or peel too much.

However, it seems like the seasons are constantly changing and severe weather is always just around the corner. True or not, it can be difficult to select the right time to touch up a home’s outside paint job. Still, it must be done at some point. It might help to determine just how often on average you should pursue exterior painting. Let’s take a look.

What’s it Made of?

The frequency at which a house should receive a new coat of paint depends on the material underneath. Many homes have siding, which can be made of vinyl, wood, or aluminum. Wooden siding tends to be the most vulnerable to environmental damage. Therefore, experts recommend painting wood siding every three to seven years. This gap has a lot to do with the climate. In areas with less extreme weather conditions, you can get away with waiting six to seven years. For vinyl and aluminum siding, generally, perform home painting between five and seven years after the last job.

Not all homes have siding, however. Brick homes are often left unpainted, meaning they just need to be cleaned regularly to stay looking fresh. However, painted brick homes can be left alone for as long as a decade or more if the brick is sturdy. As for stucco exteriors, these should be repainted at about the same frequency as siding, every five to seven years.

How Was the Previous Paint Job?

The time frames mentioned so far only refer to average cases where the previous paint job was done well and in the desired color. However, not all paint jobs are created equal. If the previous owner, a prior painting service, or a younger version of yourself did a poor job painting the home in the past, you might have to apply a new coat earlier than normal. Likewise, if you no longer like the current color, it’s time to get painting. The better a job you do this time, the longer you can wait until having to paint again.

Perform Regular Maintenance

Regardless of the home’s outside material, you can extend the lifespan of its paint job by performing regular maintenance. This simply means surveying the exterior a few times a year and addressing any minor problems such as cracking or peeling before they get worse. Also be on the lookout for mold, termite damage, and excessive moisture. Of course, total house painting is inevitable at some point, but the better you take care of the existing paint job, the longer it can wait and the better your home will look from the outside.

Ask an Expert!

When in doubt, contact a professional residential painting company you trust and give them information on the last time your home was painted, its material, etc. They will help you figure out the best time to paint your home’s exterior and even give you an estimate if you can’t take on the project yourself. All American Painting Plus, Inc. has been helping families with their exterior painting projects for over 25 years. Give us a call today at 703-620-5563, or email us at for a quote!