With modern paint technology, you can produce infinite color variations. These endless shades can be used on interior or exterior walls, cabinets, fixtures…anything you can imagine. But because homeowners and business owners have such specific goals for their properties, not just any color choices will do. As painting contractors, All American Painting Plus has seen a lot of different color strategies go up on walls. We’ve seen colors that worked well, and others that clashed with the practical use of the buildings in question. We’ve got a lot of perspective on the issue. So here are some thoughts for businesses and homeowners when trying to decide which colors to use.

Who Needs to Like the Space? At the end of the day, buildings are used by people. Whether you own a home or a business, you want the colors on your walls to serve the people who matter most with regard to the purpose of the building. If you are an artist wanting to repaint your studio walls, you may want to choose colors that tickle your fancy, with no regard for what anyone else thinks. But if you are a startup business renting an office space you will only occupy for a year, you may want a color that will help promote productivity without causing you to lose your damage deposit at the end of your lease!

How Long Does the Color Have to Function? Another consideration is time, because time is money. If you want to hire All American Painting Plus to paint your house in a color that will look good two decades from now, you will want to choose a color that has widespread, classic appeal. However, if you are painting a nursery, with the intention of repainting it when the baby is two or three years old, you have a lot more options.

Now that you’ve considered these preliminaries, it’s time to think about who, exactly, is going to be using your space. First set a time frame: how long do you plan to own or inhabit the property in question? If you’ve just purchased your first home, you may plan to stay in place for five years or more, but have future plans to sell this house to buy your dream home. For this purpose, you might like bright neutral colors that will stand the test of time and appeal to a broad range of future buyers, while looking good while you still live in the house.

On the other hand, a commercial property, like a neighborhood restaurant, might want to remain in place for decades to come, and stand out the entire time! Bright colors that fit your developing brand can help customers remember that your business exists. In this way, non-conservative colors can actually give you more options with your property as time goes on.

In the end, the colors you choose have to serve you and the other people who use your property. All American Painting Plus can perform the paint job you choose at a high level of professionalism, for any commercial paint or residential paint project. We can help you make the tough calls about which colors to use. If you have any more questions, contact All American Painting Plus today to start the conversation.