If you’re thinking about repainting your house or business, your thought process probably follows some common pathways. When most people consider this problem, the first thing they think about is their favorite color or colors. While favorite colors might look great on the walls of your home, artful residential painting takes other things into consideration. The best color for the walls of your home or business may not be the ones that are the best for your personal preferences – maybe it’s time to think about colors that would best suit the purpose of the room under consideration. Here are a few examples from All American Painting Plus.

Colors for Work

Wall and ceiling colors for the office or workshop will likely be different than the paint colors chosen for any other purpose. Office colors in particular tend to be more exaggerated than those used in the home, because they are meant to stimulate a different kind of activity. Recently, yellows, blues, greens and reds have all found their place on office walls all around the United States. Some of these colors have been almost cartoonishly saturated, even at huge employers like Google.

It seems that the crazy color trend may be dying out, but the truth remains that colors provoke productivity, even when they are a little more subdued. If you are picking colors for an office in your home, go with a color that is light and cheerful, meant to evoke the refreshing energy of the morning. Avoid dark colors that make you want to nap.

Colors for Play

If you are painting a child’s playroom or some kind of recreational facility, the sky’s the limit with color. Multiple colors and exciting patterns may be exactly what you’re looking for, though more traditional tones may be appropriate as well. Colors for play are meant to be whimsical, perhaps even evoking fantasy. Let yourself have fun, especially if you are painting a child’s room that will only function this way for a few years – you can always repaint it later.

Colors for Rest

If you have rooms in your house used especially for chilling out, paint them accordingly. If some rooms in your home are white or brightly colored, use darker, more subdued tones in your living room, bedroom, or den. Painting these rooms the right color can signal your body to go into relaxation mode the second you step inside. Use strategic lighting elements to make sure that your rooms aren’t too dark, and have variable levels of brightness depending on how and when they are being used. Picking these colors well can give a remarkable contrast between rooms in your home.
There are lots of ways to use color strategically. Wall colors and ceiling colors send signals to the people who enter the room in question. These signals indicate how the room is meant to be used. Certain colors have been proven to boost the metabolism, to increase productivity, or to prepare the body for sleep. All American Painting Plus can attest that this stuff is no joke. If you choose well, your paint colors could work for you for many years, enhancing the activities performed inside the rooms painted. And if you decide to save yourself the stress of a DIY project and want to use the painting contractors at All American Painting Plus for interior or exterior painting, contact us today!