People paint their houses for all kinds of different reasons. Colors inspire different kinds of attitudes, feelings, and behaviors, and we’re not always aware of the effect that design choices are having on our psyches. The color that inspires concentration and reflection isn’t the same color that makes kids want to play. The color that helps you work up an appetite is not the same color that’ll lull you to sleep at the end of the day.

Entertaining is one of the most satisfying ways to use your home. It’s a time to invite friends and loved ones into the space you call home, and facilitate for them a time of excitement and frivolity. If you entertain regularly, you will definitely want your home to be designed in such a way that people feel comfortable and happy to spend time within its walls. Here are some of the most important considerations when painting and designing for company.


  • Use “Energetic” Colors. All American Painting Plus has painted a lot of houses. We understand the psychological and subjective effect of different paint colors, and we have generally concluded that light or bright colors are best when trying to create a sense energy in a room meant for recreation or entertainment. Entertaining is about taking people outside of their normal environment. This is a stimulating action all on its own. Adding bright colors will complete the effect, creating the illusion of daytime and brightness, even if your party is at night. Using paint colors and lights that achieve a bright atmosphere is the best way to keep a party alive, and this should be central to your entertaining design strategy.
  • Create a Sense of Spaciousness. Bright colors have a way of amplifying the dimensions of rooms and spaces. Use this to your advantage by creating a sense of spaciousness throughout your home, whatever the actual dimensions of your walls. Always be thinking about space and sense of flow when designing the solid aspects of your home, especially in the kitchen and living rooms. Affording people ample room to walk, sit, and stand is the best way to combat any guest’s latent sense of claustrophobia.
  • Invite the Right Number of People. When serving a group, invite the right number of people for your house. Consider also the personalities of the people you’re inviting. If you are organizing a party that is built around a specific dish and polite conversation, don’t bring more people into your home than can easily converse with each other across a dining room table. If you are going to use drinks to enliven the mood, perhaps the sky is the limit when it comes to how many people can happily congregate in your rooms. Sometimes, in this latter category, the more the better.

The colors you choose for your home are intimately related to the way in which your home will be used. If you love entertaining, make sure that the paint colors you pick contribute to a sense of fun and frolic. All American Painting Plus can help you achieve your desired effect.