If you’ve had a fresh paint job on your house or business within the past couple of years (and even if it has been longer than that), it is probably time to get the whole thing pressure washed. Pressure washing is quick and effective, revealing a pristine color beneath what had been several layers of grime. Even if your house looks clean, it likely isn’t. Here are some more reasons to consider pressure washing your home or business, with the help of All American Painting Plus.


  • The Winter is a Tough Time for Paint. The paints used in modern exterior paint (especially those used by All American Painting Plus) are very strong. They are resistant to cracking, dents, stains and sun damage. But they can get dirty. During the cold wet days of winter, paint usually gets caked in several layers of grime. This can come from being buffeted by winds and rain, icy water melting off the roof and gutters, snow banks resting against the walls, and any combination of the three. The point is, whether your walls look dirty or not, they likely are filthy. You won’t realize how filthy until All American Painting Plus takes a pass with a pressure washer and reveals the clean, bright paint beneath.


  • Pressure Washing Increases the Lifespan of Certain Outdoor Elements. Pressure washing keeps mold from developing in the shaded portions of your home or business’s walls. This prevents decay. If you have a deck, porch, or any significant wooden structures, pressure washing is imperative to prolonging these structures’ lifespans. Filth, moisture and grime can set into the natural cracks and grain of wooden structures. It’s important that this be removed when the weather gets warm, so that these structures can be properly resealed. Sealing and/or painting will prevent major vulnerabilities that could cause your deck to rot, attract termites, or otherwise decompose prematurely.


  • Pressure Washing Gives Your Home a New Lease on Life. If you have been considering a major change to the exterior of your home or business, like an all new paint job, pressure washing may reveal that this is not necessary. Although All American Painting Plus is a group of painting contractors who will never turn down a gig, we also like to save our customers money when exterior paint work is not necessary. What may have looked like a faded and depressing exterior finish may just be dirty. Reveal the vibrancy of an older paint job by giving it a good power washing.

Pressure washing is easy, fast and affordable. With the help of skilled professionals and industrial-quality equipment, your home or business can be squeaky clean in just a few hours. The difference it will make in the exterior appearance of your property will be amazing, and you’ll be glad you made this easy investment. Spring is the best time of year to reverse the effects of nature, so give All American Painting Plus a call today to set up your appointment with our pressure washers.