Pretty soon you’ll hear the crack of the bat coming from ball diamonds in the neighborhood, signaling the arrival of spring. In Northern Virginia, that means it’s time for a thorough spring cleaning, and this year you should consider freshening the outside as well as the inside of your home. The power wash services offered by award-winning All American Painting Plus painting contractors in Reston can give your home a “like new” appearance.

Winter can be hard on your property. Outdoor spaces are rarely used because of the cold, consequently they are rarely cleaned. Exteriors have a collection of winter grime and dirt. Windows are a mess. And many of the leaves that fell in fall are still in your gutters, just waiting to clog up the downspouts with the first good spring rainstorm.

It doesn’t have to be this way. The outside of your home can look just as great as that winter painting project that you’re so proud of. All you need is a professional grade power washer and the skilled technicians who know how to use it.

What a Power Wash Can Do for Your Northern Virginia Home

At All American Painting Plus, we’ve kept busy all winter doing interior painting projects for homeowners and businesses from Alexandria to Dulles. But spring is about here and our power washing service will be in high demand. Usually people think of power washing as an affordable alternative to exterior painting, but a power wash can do so much more!

  • Give your whole house a fresh look. Blast off grime, dirt, pollution residue, mold, spider webs, and any other debris that has accumulated over the fall and winter. Protect your biggest investment and improve your curb appeal with a power wash.
  •  Second floor windows. Cleaning the upstairs window is never an easy task. Don’t lean outside or climb a ladder to clean these hard to get to spots. Our extender nozzle can safely clean second floor windows in a flash. 
  • Gutters. Blast out the debris that has been accumulating (and rotting) since last fall. Don’t endure another spring watching the gutters overflow every time it rains. Our power washer will make quick work of leaves and debris.
  • Clean anything concrete. Porches, steps, sidewalks, driveways, patios, pavers, benches – anything concrete can greatly benefit from a power wash. Our commercial concrete cleaning solution will bring your property back to like new condition.
  • Decks and patio furniture. Wood decks can become a catch-all for every type of debris during winter. And if any birds left you a gift before migrating, that gift is probably fossilized by now. A power wash can quickly get your deck ready for the first spring BBQ. The same goes for your patio furniture. Nobody wants to sit in a chair that has been left outdoors all winter. Let us quickly clean them all up.

If you’re ready to give the outside of your home a spring cleaning, call the house painters who do a lot more than just paint houses. Call Reston-based, award-winning All American Painting Plus now and ask about our power wash services.