These days, more and more people are trying to live a healthier, more active life. Taking the stairs is a great way to get in that extra cardio before, during, and after work. Still, you might find that you and your fellow workers tend to avoid your office stairwells, not because you’re looking for an easy ascent to the workplace, but because your stairs are in poor condition.

Your building’s stairwells are important, though, and must be maintained so they’re safe for use in case of emergency, elevator maintenance, or simply because it’s healthy to do so. While major stair repairs should be handled by someone with specific knowledge of staircases and regulations, it turns out that professional painters can also keep your office stairwells safer overall. But how?

Stairs Need to Be Seen

No matter how functional your stairs are, they’re not very helpful if they’re hard to see. In fact, poorly lit and dull-painted stairwells are incredibly dangerous, leading to trips and falls both up and down the stairs. Stairwells must be clearly defined during the day and at night to prevent these stumbles, and commercial painting contractors can help in this effort.

Lighting is the key. With the proper colors and sheens, painters can transform your office’s dark, nearly invisible stairwell into a bright, stand-out feature. Each stair on the staircase must distinguish itself from the rest, and the railing(s) and walls must also be prominently featured. When your staircase is bold and bright, workers and guests will feel safer climbing the stairs. They’ll appreciate the enhanced aesthetic, too.

The Easier to Clean, the Better

Staircases also pose a safety risk when they’re not properly cleaned. Dirt and dust can gather on neglected staircases over time, creating a slippery layer that is dangerous to walk on. Additionally, if moisture lingers on a staircase, slips and falls become near guarantees. A properly painted staircase is easier to clean, and therefore safer to tread upon.

Interior painting isn’t all about appearances. Semi-gloss to high-gloss sheen paint, in addition to making stairs more visible, provides a smooth surface that’s easier to clean than flat or matte paint types. For added friction, you can add a top coat of anti-slip paint or mix in some rubber grit to your paint. 

Going Above and Beyond the Paint Job

Hiring a professional painter to paint your office stairwells is an important step in making them safer. But applying a new coat of paint is only part of this equation. If your commercial painting contractor can also point out structural problems in your staircase, all the better. And if they can fix said problems, you’ve struck gold.

The pros at All American Painting Plus aren’t just equipped to paint your stairwells; they are also able to make minor repairs, such as filling in cracks or holes, before priming and painting begins. The “Plus” in our name refers to all the important things we can do in addition to our painting services. After all, simply painting over a damaged foundation only prolongs a larger issue down the road. 

We want to help you protect your company’s property and ensure the safety of all your workers, customers, and guests. Our team of professionals will help keep your office stairwells safe by making any repairs we can and painting your surfaces with high-quality products. To learn more about everything we do, give us a call at (703)-620-5563!