Some regions of the U.S. enjoy the warm weather for most of the year, while others only have a few months to soak up the sun. But regardless of how long you have to enjoy your outdoor spaces, you want them to look their best, especially during the summer. If your outdoor space needs a new coat of paint, use this checklist to make sure you cover all your exterior painting bases.

1. Inspect Surfaces

Whenever you’re about to embark on a new residential painting project, take the opportunity to inspect the fidelity of your surfaces. Outdoor spaces must undergo a lot of environmental pressure, such as rain, wind, sunlight, heat, cold, snow, and pests. If you notice significant damage such as rotted wood or the onset of mold/mildew, now is the time to address these issues and make necessary repairs. Painting over damaged surfaces will merely prolong the problem.

2. Remove Objects and Furniture

Once you’ve inspected your outdoor space and made all necessary repairs, it’s time to clear your work area so you have plenty of room and so you don’t get paint in the wrong places. If you’re painting a patio, for instance, you’ll want to remove chairs, tables, hammocks, mats, and anything else in the way. Following this step won’t just make cleaning and painting easier, it will also allow you to reorganize the layout of your outdoor space when all is said and done.

3. Clean the Area

Be sure to thoroughly clean your outdoor space before painting. Doing so will keep your surfaces in good condition and also help the paint adhere, reducing the risk of peeling or chipping down the road. There are various ways to clean your surfaces, such as power washing, mopping, or scrubbing. Use the method that is most effective and safe for the material being cleaned. Also, after cleaning, remove any remaining old chipping or peeling paint from the surfaces.

4. Choose Your Color(s)

Choosing your paint colors can happen at any point during this process, but sometimes it helps to take a look at your outdoor space in its cleanest, purest form in order to choose the right color. There is no strict rule for choosing colors, though professional painters can help you out if you’re unsure. Keep in mind that lighter colors will require more cleaning, since they become more visibly dirty over time.

5. Additional Prep Work

Once you’ve inspected your outdoor space, cleared it, cleaned it, and chosen the right colors, you’re almost ready to paint. But first, take care of some additional preparation, like covering unmovable structures and objects with plastic, applying painters tape for even lines, caulking window trim and cracks, etc.

6. Apply Primer and Paint

It’s finally time to start painting, starting with a coat of primer. If you’re not confident in your painting abilities, or you don’t have the time or tools to do it, hire an exterior painting contractor. 

All American Painting Plus can help you revitalize your outdoor space this season. Whether you only require painting services, or you need a service provider who can handle repairs, cleaning, and additional preparation, our team can help at every step of the process.

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