If you are a Springfield homeowner and your house is looking a little…well, let’s say “tired,” it’s probably time to consider a home painting project. Appearance is a big motivator when it comes to deciding to repaint a home, but there are actually any number of reasons why house painting demonstrably pays off.

For most families in Springfield, their house represents their largest single investment. The first line of defense in protecting that investment is house paint. It may seem nonsensical that a liquid that comes in a can will “defend” a home. Well, as award-winning residential painting contractor All American Painting Plus explains, the “defense” comes from more than just slapping some paint on a home.

The process that professional exterior painters use identifies and repairs “chinks” in your home’s “armor.” This usually occurs during the original survey of the home or during the preparation of the house’s surface. The actual painting is frequently the least time-consuming phase of the project.

So, what are these “chinks” and what are the other top reasons to repaint your Springfield house?

How Exterior Painters Can Protect Your Home and Improve Your Family’s Quality of Life

Here is a short list of the value of repainting that is sometimes overlooked:

  1.  House painting requires that the professional painters get “up close and personal” with the surface of your home. When a house exterior gets that kind of attention, flaws often reveal themselves. Those flaws include mold, mildew, dry rot, peeling and blistering paint, rusted out gutters, blocked ventilation vents in eaves, and water stains. Some of these chinks can actually cause structural damage. Others can create air quality issues inside the home or even health concerns. The crews from All American Painting Plus are experienced in identifying and correcting these issues.
  2. A high-quality paint is like a combination overcoat and tanning lotion when it comes to protecting your home from the Northern Virginia climate. UV rays will make quick work of “budget” paints and then work their magic on the subbase, damaging the structure. A high-quality paint will protect the home from UV attacks, rain, snow, wind-blown dust, pollution, and even pollen. A good paint will shed moisture and moisture can be the root of serious problems, like mold and mildew.
  3. A newly painted exterior will greatly enhance the curb appeal of your home. If you are inclined to sell, repainting your home makes a hugely positive first impression on prospective buyers. If you have doubled down and painted the interior as well, your “used” home now looks like new construction, validating the asking price.
  4. Got bugs? There’s nothing more disgusting than finding the creepy crawlers that belong outside, inside your home. Fresh painting and caulking will deter infestations. Some bugs are just an unacceptable nuisance, but termites can do serious damage. Fresh paint can reduce the risk of these critters munching on your wood.
  5. Want to remodel but you have a limited budget? A house painting project is the fastest and most cost-effective method of changing the look and feel of a home. This is truly remodeling on the cheap.

When You’re Ready to Repaint, Call the Award-Winning Pros!

All American Painting Plus has been providing professional painting services to Northern Virginia homes and businesses for over a decade. Recently, we received our twelfth Angie’s List Super Service Award. That’s twelve years in a row and that speaks to our commitment to total customer satisfaction.

We do top notch work. We’ve painted your neighbors’ homes. We warranty all our work. Call us today and we are sure that you will be pleasantly surprised with just how affordable professional painting can be.