Shiplap siding is showing up as interior décor in homes all across Northern Virginia and for good reason. Shiplap and fiberwood planks are affordable, relatively easy to install, can be painted or stained any color, and most importantly, immediately create an atmosphere reflecting earlier times.

Shiplap is used on walls, ceilings, even cabinetry to provide an antique theme that is both welcoming and cozy. This is an interior decorating trend that is not going away anytime soon.

Once you’ve decided on using shiplap to enhance a space in your home, we encourage you to call Reston-based All American Painting Plus. We are best known for our award winning residential interior painting services and are happy to share our ideas on color selection and installation. With nearly two decades of providing painting services to homeowners in Alexandria, Springfield, Dulles, and other communities in Northern Virginia, we have extensive experience in both installing and painting shiplap interiors.

If You Already Have Shiplap in Your Home

If you were an early adapter and installed shiplap years ago, and now you want to freshen the look with a new color, our professional painters can get the job done quickly and with no hassle.

When they are done, you will love the results and they will leave the space cleaner than when they found it. That’s just one way we exceed the customer’s expectations.

Avoid a Potentially Costly Mistake When Painting Shiplap

There are three ways to achieve the shiplap look.

  • You can buy shiplap, the wood planks that are grooved on both edges.
  • As an alternative, you can use Medium Density Fiberwood planks. These are flat edged planks that are installed 1/8” apart to mimic the shiplap overlap.
  • Lastly, you can paint a wall and then use a darker color to paint lines approximating the gap look.

If you decide on using shiplap, you’ll have your choice of pine or poplar planks. Pine is significantly less expensive and is a favorite selection. There’s nothing wrong with pine if it is painted correctly. However, if a stain blocking shellac-based primer has not been used, chances are your shiplap will start showing dark spots that look similar to water stains.

Pine has knots. It can take years for all the sap in those knots to dry out. Needless to say, pine sap does nothing for the paint that covers it.

Professional Painters Prevent Disappointments

The problem is, there isn’t an easy fix for this problem. You can’t just prime the stain and add new paint on top. If you do that you will have flash spots that are shinier than the paint surrounding it. The solution is to prime and repaint the entire wall to ensure no new stains show up.

Of course, the whole issue can be avoided if the wood is properly primed before it is installed. This is a concern you won’t have when using our experienced, professional interior painters.

Poplar shiplap and fiberwood planks have no knots, but both can benefit from a coat of quality primer paint.

The Next Step in Updating Your Décor

When it comes to interior painting projects, like installing and painting shiplap, you don’t want to take shortcuts. When you are ready to add this popular decorating trend to your home, call the best painting service in Northern Virginia. All American Painting Plus consistently delivers superior service, a service that Angie’s List has recognized 12 years in a row, and we are ready to turn your shiplap project into a reality.