Winter weather keeps most of us indoors for several months. Because we can’t easily distract ourselves with outdoor activities, we’re faced with all the home repairs and improvements we’ve neglected. Plus, those who host holiday gatherings want to keep their home in great shape for company. Before long, you might have yourself a hearty winter checklist. Fear not, a residential painting company can help. Here’s how.

Winter Interior Painting Jobs

While the cold season is undoubtedly the worst time to paint exterior surfaces, it’s the best time for interior painting. The cold, dry air makes for better and quicker dry times. Paint will adhere to interior surfaces better as a result. You might also have an easier time scheduling painting services during winter and prices might be lower than in the spring or summer. If your winter checklist includes giving your living room, kitchen, bedroom, and/or bathroom a fresh coat of paint, residential painters can help.

Making Small Repairs

Winter also presents the perfect opportunity to make any home repairs before spring. Believe it or not, some residential painting companies can help you check this off your list as well. All American Painting Plus not only specializes in commercial and home painting, but offers additional services as well. Our Plus services include drywall repair, rotted wood replacement, wallpaper removal, and more. You don’t need to hire multiple contractors to tick those boxes this winter. We will take care of most home repairs and then paint your home’s interior.

Prepare Your Home for Sale

Perhaps you’re planning on selling your home after winter. If that’s the case, making these repairs and renovations is more important than ever. The professional painters at All American Painting Plus will do everything to make your home as presentable as possible for the coming season. We can take care of your interior needs during the winter. Exterior painting and power washing should wait until warmer weather arrives. If you take care of your interior needs during the winter, you can focus on your home’s exterior during the spring. This means your home will be ready to hit the market much quicker – and its curb appeal will be the freshest it has ever been.

What Else is On Your Winter Checklist?

This year you may have a number of other items on your winter checklist. Maybe you plan on getting a head start on spring cleaning. Perhaps you’ll be cleaning your chimney so you can enjoy sitting by the fire during the holidays. As you create your list, you might realize that you neglected to prepare for winter in a few key areas. Unfortunately, if the season has already kicked in, it may be too late for things like sealing your deck. If so, keep it in mind for next year. After winter’s over, check your deck and other wooden surfaces for damage or rot. All American Painting Plus is happy to help our customers year round!

This winter, check off every box on your to-do list. For the boxes you can’t tick yourself, give us a call us at 703-620-5563 or email us at for more information and a free estimate!