Do you have a getaway cabin or vacation home? Loudoun County and Washington County are beautiful areas with plenty of recreational opportunities. Perhaps the beach appeals to you more and you have a cottage on the Chesapeake Bay or the Atlantic.

No matter where your vacation home is, whether in Northern Virginia or along the shore, you’ll want to protect your investment by ensuring its exterior is protected with a high-quality paint applied by a professional exterior painting contractor.

A vacation house gives your family a home away from home. The downside, of course, is you only see it infrequently and can’t stay on top of maintenance issues like you do with your primary residence. Unless you hire a local property manager to regularly inspect the cabin, your best defense against the potential maintenance issues, like UV damage, peeling paint, wood rot, and mold, is to use the best materials for its exterior.

Of course, there are other reasons why you want your vacation home looking fresh. First, nobody wants to visit a getaway home that looks outdated, dingy, or in bad repair. You want your home looking great so your family’s limited time there is enjoyable. And then there is the question of maximizing rental income.

Internet Marketing Creates Boom in Vacation Rentals

Many vacation home owners are jumping on the part-time landlord bandwagon. Internet marketing of vacation homes has dramatically increased the number (and kinds) of rental vacation homes on the market. Rental income can significantly reduce the cost of vacation home ownership. To optimize that income, your home has to be enticing not only in person, but in internet marketing photos as well.

Reston-based All American Painting Plus, a leading Northern Virginia residential painting contractor, has extensive painting experience with cabins and vacation homes from Harpers Ferry to Treadwell to Manassas. As certified members of the Painting and Decorating Contractors of America, we stay current on trending designs and colors. We know how to present your home in the best possible way.

The colors and finishes used in vacation homes depend largely on the type of house and its location. Here are three examples of what we mean:

Great Colors for Cabins and A Frames

Rich, earthy, tones that reflect the locale are best sellers. Sometimes that means paint, other options include exposed logs or shiplap (something we specialize in). Popular paint colors include forest green, deep orange, smoky blues and grey tones. In short, no matter where the home is located, you want the exterior and interior to reflect the theme of the area.

Big Audience for Tiny Homes

Some people say tiny homes are revolutionizing the housing industry. We don’t know about that, but we do know there are a lot more of them on the holiday rental market. Light, airy, colors are the colors of choice. Tiny homes can benefit from careful interior painting designed to make the space look bigger than it is. Colors that fit the bill include sunny yellow, creamy white or mid-tone gray.

Beach Houses

People who rent beach homes are looking for that laid back relaxed feeling that can only be found near the sand and salt water. Bring the colors of that seaside location inside. Interior paint schemes should include blue, green, and sandy beige with furnishings that compliment.

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