Whether you’re a homeowner, business owner, or both, maintaining your property on a regular basis keeps it valuable, comfortable, and attractive, inside and out. This routine maintenance is multi-faceted, requiring careful inspection of many different parts of your residential or commercial space. And if it’s time to start this process, you might as well tackle some additional projects while you’re at it, including painting. In fact, painting is considered a part of routine maintenance.

Of course, not all routine maintenance tasks are created equal. If painting is on your list, you may or may not need to call professional painters to get the job done, depending on your needs. Let’s explore the realm of routine maintenance and determine when it’s time to call your painter.

What’s Included and Involved in Routine Maintenance?

The term routine maintenance refers to regularly scheduled cleaning, inspecting, and/or repairing tasks that one undertakes to keep their property operational, structurally sound, protected from wear, and clean. Some routine maintenance tasks, such as vacuuming or mopping floors, might take place on a weekly basis, while roof or plumbing inspections may take place once a year or every two years, etc. 

In other words, different routines exist for different maintenance tasks, and the intervals between these tasks will vary depending on their cost, necessity, and other factors. Some companies outsource some of their routine maintenance projects, especially if they require specialized equipment, skills, and/or training to complete, such as floor waxing, deep cleaning, etc.

Where Does Painting Fit In?

Keeping your interior and exterior paint job up to date is important for more than just maintaining appearances, though this is certainly the case, too. Painting should also be a part of your routine maintenance regimen because it protects your property from damage and makes it easier to clean. The question remains, though: how often should this routine maintenance painting take place?

As usual, the answer depends on a number of factors. If your home or business sees a lot of activity, you might want to repaint your property every year or two, but only if it’s necessary. Painting too much can be expensive and wasteful. At the same time, however, you don’t want to wait until your current paint job is fading too much or peeling away before adding a new coat.

Generally speaking, interior painting should take place about every 5-7 years for homeowners and 3-5 years for business owners. Exterior painting should take place about 3-5 years for homeowners and 2-4 years for business owners. Of course, in between these intervals you will likely also have to perform touch-ups in areas where paint has been marked up or damaged in some way.

DIY or Call Your Painter?

If it’s time for routine maintenance, it’s always a good idea to call your professional painting partner to help. Even if you think you can handle the job on your own, your painting services can steer you in the right direction, helping you determine which type of paint to choose, how much is needed, etc. Whether you decide to hire a painter or go it alone, always consider painting as an important aspect of routine maintenance. You might not need a whole new coat this instant, but you will down the road. Paying attention to your property’s paint job will help you keep it in its best condition.

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