Few things are better than giving and receiving gifts during the holiday season. On the other hand, few things are more stressful than picking out gifts for all the important people in your life. Some people are just hard to shop for and others don’t want to make a big fuss about a wishlist. Many of us go with gift cards as a last resort. While everyone likes receiving these as well, they often don’t feel special. This Christmas, if you really want to surprise the people who live with you and give them a meaningful, long-lasting gift, schedule a home makeover!

The Gift That Keeps on Giving

It might not be a conventional gift, but imagine the look on your spouse’s or partner’s face when you let them in on your little secret. If home painting has been on your list of renovations for a while, there’s no better time to get it done. You can hire painters a week or two before Christmas to get your home in shape for the holidays and beyond. Or, you can get creative on Christmas itself. Create and decorate a coupon labeled “One Home Makeover” and put in their stocking. List the date and time so they can look forward to it. Even if professional painters aren’t available until January, you’ll have a fresh home for the new year.

More Than a Fresh Coat of Paint

While interior painting is a huge part of a home makeover, more can be done. In fact, if parts of your home are in need of repair, such as drywall or trim, it’s best to get this done before residential painting begins. Fortunately, All American Painting Plus can take care of both painting and repair work. Our plus services include rotted wood replacement, drywall repair, wallpaper removal, power washing, and more. This holiday season, you can rely on us to give your home the full treatment.

Don’t Neglect the Exterior

When we think of home makeovers, we usually picture the interior. This is where you, your friends, and your family will spend the most time, after all. But the outside of your home might need a facelift as well. If so, you probably want to schedule this job for the springtime or early summer. In colder areas, the winter months offer poor conditions for exterior painting. Snow and cold, dry air can negatively affect how paint dries and adheres to the surface. This is still a great gift to give, but it will have to be delayed by a few months. Plus, you’ll want to power wash the exterior before painting it, which is best done after winter, too.

This holiday season, give the gift that will benefit everyone in your home, including you. A home makeover is an investment, but one that lasts a long time. All American Painting Plus will help you transform your home by making necessary repairs and painting the interior and exterior when the time is right. Call us today at 703-620-5563 or email us at info@aapplus.com for more information and a free estimate!