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“Out of sight, out of mind” is not advice that successful Northern Virginia businesses embrace. However, at All American Painting Plus, the Reston-based, award winning commercial painting professionals, our experience tells us that there is one area of a commercial property that is routinely ignored: stairwells.

Stairwells actually represent a very real slip and fall risk which can dramatically impact workmen’s compensation and liability claims. It is an area that needs to be well lit and well maintained. But because people, including management, will take an elevator before they troop up or down a staircase, dangerous conditions are infrequently reported.

If that situation sounds familiar, maybe today would be a good time to take a tour. Pay particular attention to the stairwells between the second and first floors as these will be the most heavily trafficked. Lighting is a key concern. If the stairwell seems a bit dingy or dark, then it’s time to brighten up the space with a fresh coat of paint on the walls, stairs, handrails, and spindles.

You’ll be amazed at how dramatic the look and feel of the staircase changes with a new paint job. Not only that, a fresh look sends a signal to employees, vendors, and visitors that management cares about their safety.

It’s time to call the painting business that so many Northern Virginia commercial property owners rely on for maintenance painting. It’s time to call All American Painting Plus.

The Professional Painting Process for Stairwells

Stairwells can involve a more detailed process than standard interior painting projects like offices or hallways. Stairwells involve different types of surfaces, meaning different preparation requirements as well as different types of paint. At All American Painting Plus, we take a systematic approach to these projects.

  • Masking. Typically stairwells will be painted in at least three different colors (walls, stairs, handrails) and the space is comparatively confined. Masking off areas that could receive overspray during the painting process is a first step in the project.
  • Cleaning the substrate. Stairs are frequently constructed of concrete, metal, wood, or GRP. The first step in preparing the stairs is a thorough cleaning to remove grease and stubborn dirt. Even the best primer will not adhere to a substrate that is not clean. Handrails are another area of concern and should be washed down with mineral spirits to remove oil and grime.
  • Sanding and repairing stair surfaces. If the stairs have damaged surfaces (cracks in concrete or wood materials) we will use the appropriate filler to repair them. Then all surfaces will be sanded to create the best possible surface for paint adhesion.
  • Primer. A high quality primer paint is then applied to provide the top coat the best possible base of adhesion.
  • Professional painting. This is where the masking comes into play. The fastest method to achieve smooth results is spray painting. Some brush work will be required for smaller trip items, but generally speaking, the walls and stairs will be spray painted.

There is really no reason to let stairwells go neglected. They represent a potential liability and the “cure” is an affordable and fast solution. Find out just how fast and affordable it can be for your property by calling the professional painting contractors at All American Painting Plus today.

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