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Often when we are preparing an estimate for an interior painting project, the customer almost seems surprised when we ask, “What color would you like the door?” Typically, our Northern Virginia customers are so focused on the color of the wall, trim, and casements, that doors are an afterthought.

Trust us, if we paint a room and leave the door untouched, the door will suddenly become the focal point in the room.

If the interior door hasn’t seen a new coat of paint in a number of years, it is going to stand out like a sore thumb when the rest of the room is given a fresh new look.

At All American Painting Plus, our professional painting service starts when we survey your project. We want the end product to be everything you want it to be, so we will be asking questions about every aspect of the project to ensure the finished product exceeds your expectations.

Painting Interior Doors

Getting a professional finish on an interior door involves much more than just rolling on your favorite paint color. Interior doors lead the same tough life that entry doors do. Thousands of handprints deposit dirt, oil, and grime on the door surface, preventing even the best paint from adhering. To get the professional finish that customers want requires fairly extensive preparation work.

For starters, the door has to come off the frame so it can lay flat. This prevents drip marks and “paint sags” caused by paint shifting downward. The hardware, hinges, door knob, and lock (if applicable) are removed and the door is placed on two sawhorses. A lag bolt is installed on the bottom edge and two additional bolts are put in at the top edge. This allows the door to lay flat without actually touching the sawhorses. To turn the door over, the painter lifts up on the two top bolts and flips the door by rolling it over using the bottom bolt.

Now that we have a flat workspace, it’s time to prepare the surface:

  • Using a strong household detergent, we wash the door to remove the grease and oil. Particular attention is paid to the space around the door knob and the door edge. The door then needs to completely dry.
  • If the door has been previously painted and there are “paint bumps” or flaking, we will use a carbide scraper to remove the paint. We will also use wood filler or spackle to repair gouges and scratches, and then hand sand in preparation for priming.
  • A good quality primer is applied to the entire door to ensure adhesion. Primers will also seal porous fillers, hide stains, and mute any dark colors. Once the primer is on, any flaws or dents missed in preparation will become obvious and easy to identify and repair. When the primer is dry, it is lightly sanded and the door is ready for the final coat.
  • To avoid brush marks, we use rollers to apply the paint. When the paint is dry, you are going to be delighted with the work of our professional interior painter.
  • We reinstall the hardware, hang the door, and clean up our workspace. However, even though the paint is dry, it is not cured. Don’t close it for a couple of days (particularly in humid conditions) to prevent paint from sticking to the frame. If you have to close the door, we will put painter’s tape along the inside of the frame so that paint doesn’t bleed onto it.

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And that’s how professional interior house painters paint an interior door. There are many painting companies to choose from in Northern Virginia, but if you want the best, contact us for a free quote.

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