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Power Washing

Power washing is a transformational process that restores the natural beauty of wooden structures and thoroughly cleans all exterior surfaces simply using water. If your deck is looking worse for wear or you have a fence that’s seen better days, All American Painting Plus can help. Power washing is a regular part of exterior painting projects, so our professional painters have what it takes to bring that dirty surface back to how it was meant to look.

Advantages of Power Washing

Power washing is by far the most effective way to clean exterior surfaces on and around a home. Using pressure and heat, power washing easily blows away debris in cracks and crevices found on patios, decks, and other wooden surfaces. This cleaning method also makes it possible to access hard to reach places, including roofs and underneath stairs.

Mold, mildew, dust, dirt, and insects don’t stand a chance against the force of power washing, either. You would have to spend several days contorted in awkward positions, using all the energy you could muster in order to clean all the spaces as thoroughly as power washing can. This method saves time, energy, and money.

Why Do We Power Wash Before Exterior Painting?

All American Painting Plus contractors make sure to power wash exterior surfaces before painting them. We do this for a couple of reasons. First, and most obviously, the main purpose of power washing is to thoroughly clean a surface. However, this cleanliness serves a greater purpose than just making a home look better. Power washing also makes homes safer by eliminating harmful bacteria (such as mold) that can eventually creep its way inside a home, causing allergies and other health risks. By cleaning the exterior before applying paint, you can rest assured that no harmful materials are trapped underneath.

Lastly, we power wash homes before painting them to help improve the paint job. Paint sticks better to clean surfaces. If applied to dirty surfaces, the paint will chip away as the coat of debris falls away from the surface. To help give longevity to the exterior paint job, our professional painters perform power washing first and let it dry before painting.

Enjoy a cleaner, safer, more durable home with All American Painting Plus’ power washing services. For more information on all the services we offer, give us a call today at (703)-620-5563!

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