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The front door of your Northern Virginia home leads a tough life. Family, friends, strangers, and even the occasional pet lay their hands (and paws) on your door thousands of times a year. Each of those touches can transfer dirt, grime, oil, and a variety of unidentifiable substances. Add in the lack of respect your door commands being slammed shut, kicked shut, and banged into, and it’s not surprising that its appearance is less than inviting.

If your entrance door looks like it has spent a lifetime repelling the barbarians, it’s time to call the professional painters at All American Painting Plus. With over a decade of experience providing superior painting services to homeowners like you in Arlington, Fairfax, Dulles, Springfield, and other Northern Virginia communities, we can refurbish that beat up door back to “like new” condition.

Your front door says a lot about your home. Make sure it projects the image you want by relying on the experienced exterior painters from All American Painting Plus.

This is how we do it:

Refurbishing a Residential Entry Door

One of the first considerations when painting/refurbishing a door is the weather. The door is going to have to come off the hinges, and depending on its condition and the finishes used, it could be off all day. We will give you our best estimate on the time required so you can make adjustments to your schedule.

  • The first step is to remove the door from the frame, place it between two sawhorses, and remove all hardware.
  • Next, the dirt, grime, and oil is cleaned from the surface. How this is done depends on the material the door is made of and its construction. If you have a flat metal or wood door, the old paint will be removed by sanding. If you have a window or decorative panels, the paint may be removed using a stripper.
  • Once the wood is clean, flaws like dents, punctures, and cracks are easy to see and are corrected using a filler. When the filler has completely set, the surface will be lightly sanded again and wiped down with a tack cloth.
  •  Before paint is applied, the door needs a coat of quality primer to ensure good adherence. A grey primer is typically used (unless the final color of the door is going to be white) so the finish color is not faded by the primer coat.
  • When the primer is completely dry, it’s time to apply the first coat of the final color. Typically you will need two coats. A light sanding between coats will ensure the smoothest final result.
  • Before we rehang the door, we will put painter’s tape on the door jamb. Even though the door may feel dry, it’s possible that some paint may transfer to the frame.

We think that you will be surprised at how impactful a freshly painted entry door is, particularly when it is done by an award-winning painting service like All American Painting Plus.

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