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Replacing and Repairing Rotten Wood

It’s an unfortunate reality – wood, as versatile and beautiful as it is, will eventually succumb to decay. At best, rotten wood is simply unattractive, but in the worst case scenario, it can make a structure extremely dangerous. All American Painting Plus follows a step-by-step process that starts with thoroughly inspecting the damaged wood and ends with sanding and finishing the perfectly crafted new wooden parts so they fit right in with the rest of the structure and surrounding area. Rotted wood replacement often comes before a residential painting project, which our professional painters would be glad to take care of as well.

Dry Rot Repairs

If you think that your Northern Virginia home is immune from dry rot because it has vinyl or masonry siding, think again. The most common targets of this fungus driven condition include decks, beams, posts, trim, soffits, and fascia. Typically, all these areas are made of wood and are all prime areas to assess for dry rot repair and wood replacement.

What our professional painters are looking for when inspecting your home for dry rot, are spots that are showing a chalky buildup, paint blistering or peeling, dark stains, even mushroom like formations. All are signs of dry rot. The wood can be easily tested by sticking a screwdriver into it. If the screwdriver goes in easily, or the wood feels spongy, dry rot is most likely present.

When our house painters discover rot, a decision is made to either repair it, or replace the wood. Repairing is only attempted when the rot is confined to a small piece. The area is treated with a fungicide like boric acid to kill the growth of the rot, and then a filler can be applied to stabilize the wood. More likely however, the rotted wood will have to be replaced along with adjoining wood to ensure all the rot is removed.

PVC – A Long Lasting Alternative for Wood Replacement

PVC is probably best known for its use as a plumbing material. However, this plastic material has a multitude of uses thanks to its amazing durability, strength, light weight, and flexibility in design. Today PVC is commonly used in flooring, windows, blinds, even molded into decorative architectural features.

It only makes sense to use PVC to replace damaged wood particularly where the dry rot has been extensive. Additionally, the dry rot fungus does not find plastic particularly hospitable. Even if the conditions that brought on the original rot (spores and moisture) recur, the fungus will not gain purchase on PVC.

Wood repair and wood removal is just one of the “PLUS” services that All American Painting Plus provides its many Northern Virginia customers. Our goal as a full service residential painting contractor is to exceed our customers’ expectations and that means doing more than just putting paint on a wall.


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