Kitchen cabinets don’t just provide convenient storage space for dishes and cookware. They also contribute to the overall appearance of a kitchen. These protruding features naturally stand out, so choosing the colors for your kitchen cabinets is an important step in interior painting. But which colors should you choose? Like all home painting projects, the answer depends on context and preference. Sometimes it’s wise to play it safe and use white or brown paint for your kitchen cabinets, but you’re not limited to these typical options. Let’s take a look at six colors for your kitchen cabinets that are sure to make a statement.

1. Navy Blue

Shades of blue are becoming more popular for home interiors, especially in bathrooms and kitchens. In fact, some homes with blue rooms and features may sell for more than similar homes devoid of these colors. The key advantage of blue lies in its versatility. The lighter and darker shades of blue stand in stark contrast, yet every shade yields a sense of tranquility. Interior house painters can design a room entirely based on the color blue, playing with this contrast.

For instance, a kitchen may feature light blue walls with cabinets painted navy blue. These shades might even incorporate a hint of grey or green to further evoke a nautical theme. Best of all, blue works well with so many colors, such as whites, greys, browns, and beiges.

2. Salmon … Seriously?

When it comes to residential painting, little is more striking than a shade of pink. Crazy as this may sound, a toned down pink variant can actually be a great fit for kitchen cabinets. Of course, we’re not going so far as fuschia or bubblegum, but rather more muted shades of pink such as salmon, peach, and coral. These shades lean slightly into the orange, beige, and/or yellow territory.

It’s important to note that pink shades such as these work well in contrast with duller shades, like black, grey, and brown. Salmon cabinets against this background can make for a memorable and warm kitchen.

3. Going Green

So far, the cabinet colors listed here aren’t necessarily striking in and of themselves, but rather striking in their novelty and potential for contrast. The color green is no exception. Brighter shades like mint and chartreuse are striking on their own, but probably wouldn’t please the eye on kitchen cabinets. On the other hand, darker shades like seaweed and moss can give a kitchen character in the right context. These shades work especially well against brown or white countertops, for instance.

4. A Little Yellow Goes a Long Way

The sunniest of colors, yellow stands out against just about any color imaginable. This makes it a risky candidate for kitchen cabinets, and for interior design in general. However, if the saturation is kept in check, yellow hues bring warmth, joy, and vibrancy to any interior space. If you want to make your kitchen more welcoming, consider implementing blonde, butter, and/or flaxen kitchen cabinets against black or brown countertops and white walls.

5. Ravishing Red

There’s no way around it – the color red is perhaps the most striking of them all. Bright reds get the blood flowing and the heart racing. Because of this, it might not seem like the best option for kitchen cabinet colors. However, shades of red have also been shown to increase appetite, fitting for the place where food is made. Like the previous colors mentioned, if you paint your cabinets red, try going for a calmer tone. In most cases, the darker the better, like mahogany, sangria, and currant. These hues will still give your cabinets the vitality of red without the eye strain.

6. Black is Always In

Compared to pinks, reds, and yellows, black might not seem like a striking color, per se. However, considering how rare it is to find shades of black in kitchens and interiors in general, the color will make a statement when used in such a way. Black will also stand out in sharp contrast with any lighter shade you choose for your kitchen walls, countertops, and appliances. This contrast is important, too, as a kitchen painted entirely black might feel confined and unwelcoming. If you go with black for your kitchen cabinets, make sure your painting services use different colors for the other features.

You can choose any colors you want for your kitchen cabinets. You might play it safe, or you might go overboard. If you want to land somewhere in the middle, the six colors above give you some room to maneuver. Whether you go with shades of blue, pink, green, yellow, red, or black, your cabinets will undoubtedly stand out. Just remember to consult professional painters before you make a final decision.

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