Home Drywall Repair

It doesn’t take much for drywall to get dinged up, especially in high-traffic areas of your home. Whether you call them dents, scratches, small tears, or nicks, fixing these minor but unsightly marks is typically straightforward and simple. That said, it’s important to take the right approach to avoid major [...]

2023-03-11T10:42:41-05:00March 23, 2020|

Drywall Hanging: Have You Made These Costly DIY Mistakes?

When compared to projects like home painting or power washing, drywall hanging is a major undertaking to attempt by yourself. As such, most people leave it to the professionals. However, the most ambitious DIY-ers may feel up to the challenge. Like any other home improvement task, just about anyone can [...]

2023-03-11T10:42:46-05:00February 19, 2020|

Why Is Your Drywall Discolored?

Drywall is found in most homes and commercial buildings. It might not be the sturdiest material, but it’s relatively inexpensive, fireproof, and effective at separating rooms. And while drywall isn’t much to look at on its own, it’s the perfect canvas for painting services to introduce some color and/or texture [...]

2023-03-11T10:42:51-05:00January 10, 2020|

How to Know If a House Painting Contractor Is a Good Fit

Hiring house painters requires a lot of consideration. This is your home, after all. Letting strangers inside for a prolonged period of time can feel uncomfortable, and you don’t want to waste time and money on a poorly done job. Still, tackling a house painting project on your own may [...]

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Does Painting a Home Get Rid of Smoke Smell?

How to Remove Cigarette and Smoke Smell from the Walls? When we spend enough time in a place, we often become numb to its unique characteristics, including its smell. If you smoke inside your home (or if you used to smoke), you may have become desensitized to the odor over [...]

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What to Do if You Find Rotting Wood

No one wants to encounter rotting wood in or outside their home. Unfortunately, even if you’re on top of your home maintenance, wood rot is quite common, especially in humid climates where fungi can thrive. If and when you do find rotting wood in your home, you might not know [...]

2023-03-11T10:43:11-05:00September 3, 2019|

Rotted Wood: Repair or Replace?

No matter how solid your home’s exterior painting job is, after enough exposure to the elements, your wooden features may begin to deteriorate and possibly rot. You can prevent rotted wood by cleaning, painting, staining, and sealing wooden surfaces on a routine basis. Despite your best efforts, however, you may [...]

2023-03-11T10:43:11-05:00August 15, 2019|

6 Fun Colors for Kids’ Rooms and Nurseries

Kids’ rooms are markedly different from any other space in your home. These rooms should provide a creative and personal oasis for your children to play, grow, relax, and discover new things. While you might prefer a certain decor for your living room, dining room, kitchen, and master bedroom, you [...]

2023-03-11T10:43:14-05:00August 7, 2019|

Lead Paint Remediation: Keep Your Home Safe

Here in the year 2019, you might not hear too much about lead paint anymore. That doesn’t mean you should ignore it outright, though. Traces of lead paint still remain in many U.S. homes and buildings, especially those built prior to 1978. If you want to keep your home and [...]

2023-03-11T10:43:14-05:00August 5, 2019|

5 Ways Professional Painters Save Money

The less we have to spend and the more we can save for the things we love, the better. When it comes to important tasks like painting your home, you might find yourself in a pickle. On the one hand, you want to get the job done as cheaply as [...]

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