If your Northern Virginia house is ready for a new look, it’s important to remember that, unlike interior painting, the color you paint the outside of your house makes a public statement. Make it count by choosing the right colors. A good quality exterior paint applied by professional exterior painters will last 8 to 10 years, so choose your colors wisely.

So, here’s what we suggest. Rather than numb your brain staring at a wall full of paint chips, figure out why you are repainting the exterior and what your ultimate goal is. Is your house looking outdated and you want to give it a more contemporary look? Northern Virginia has hundreds of historically significant houses. If one of those is yours, do you want to restore its historical look? Or maybe you just invested in some amazing landscaping and want to highlight it.

Once you have decided on your objective, you can filter out the colors that won’t help you achieve it.

Still confused? That’s not surprising given all the choices out there. The award-winning painting contractors at Reston-based All American Painting Plus have successfully tackled many trendsetting projects.  Because we provide painting services across all of Northern Virginia, from Crystal City to Haymarket, we have worked with really creative homeowners in many styles of architecture. We’ve turned their ideas into some pretty cool realities.

Based on that experience, we would like to share the following trends to help you plan your new color scheme:

Find Opportunities to Accent

If your house is trim rich, meaning it has several architectural features like shutters, different siding materials, and columns, you have an excellent opportunity to use it to add a punchy color to your exterior. Of course, you want to avoid color chaos, so keep the majority of the space a neutral color and use a brighter color on features you want to draw attention to.

Showcase Your Landscaping

Not surprisingly, the color of your home has an effect on the appearance of your landscaping. If you want to show off your lawn, consider how options for house colors will affect your landscaping. Choose a safe, neutral color to paint against the ornamental grasses and foliage in your yard. Or, consider a more gutsy, contrasting color. A deep charcoal, for example, will make every piece of green in your lawn pop. Either way, you are expanding your color brand across the entire property.

Monochromatic Look

It doesn’t get much more simple than this. Have professional painters paint your house, all of it, one color. This is an excellent way to modernize a house with dated or discolored siding, particularly if it has more than one type of siding. By “paint the whole house” we mean painting the wood, stone, brick, and stucco all the same color. We have seen it in all white and various shades of grey.

The Low Cost Option

If your existing paint still has a few years of serviceable life let, but you want a new look now, just repaint one element. A front door that pops can change the entire personality of the front of the house. If you have a bump out, bay window, or other architectural feature that you want to show off, a new coat of paint can have an amazing effect.

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