If you are a Northern Virginia property manager, hotel manager, business owner, or president of a condo HOA, there is a piece of your property that could be making a bigger, favorable impression on tenants, guests, employees, and homeowners. We’re talking hallways here.

Hallways are unique pieces of real estate. Generally speaking, hallways are high traffic spaces with little or no natural light. Everyone who visits or lives on your property uses them. Because hallways rely on artificial light for illumination, white has been the default color for the ceilings and walls, particularly in office buildings.

At All American Painting Plus, an award-winning Reston-based commercial painting service, we think white is probably the wrong color for most hallways. White is sterile and not welcoming. In fact, white doesn’t invoke much of any emotion. It can make a good backdrop if there are really interesting wall decorations, but as a stand-alone color it isn’t all that impressive.

If you want to make an impression on your “customers,” start impressing them the second they enter your hallway.

Here are a few ideas on how to do just that:

  • Look down. The hallway flooring will play a role in what color you paint the walls. If it’s an interior hallway, you can take a tip from the hotel industry and put down a dark, patterned rug. These do an excellent job at hiding dirt and spills. If the floor is tile or painted concrete like you would find in an apartment breezeway, the color of the floor will become the “undertone” for the wall.
  • Neutral has a whole new meaning. Neutral colors work best, but the days of saying “just paint it beige” are over. All the traditional neutral colors now come with a second “undertone” color. Beige is now pink beige, green beige, or yellow beige. Grey is the same story with green-grey, violet grey, and blue-grey among the innumerable shades available. If you can match the undertone color with the undertone in the flooring, you most likely have a winner.
  • Don’t choose a hallway color while in your office. When selecting the color, try to look at the samples in the hallway itself. Your office probably has windows with lots of natural light pouring in. The light in the project hallway will not be the same, and the samples will look different. 
  • Paint doors a darker coordinating color. The door should be welcoming and announce that you have arrived. If the walls are a light neutral color, paint the doors a mid-tone color that complements the walls.

At All American Painting Plus, we specialize in commercial interior painting projects. Our staff of experienced, professional painters can make quick work of preparing and painting hallways (and floors). We are happy to work with you in the selection of color and finish, explaining the durability of each type of paint, and the advantages of using low-VOC paint.

In Northern Virginia, you have many choices when looking for a painting service. We think our award-winning performance, exceptional references from commercial customers like yourself, and our commitment to uncommon customer service distinguish us from the crowd.

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