Northern Virginia is home to many stunning brick homes that have stood the test of time. However, even with brick’s durability and timeless beauty, it’s important to keep your home’s exterior updated to maintain its appeal and value. 

The exterior of your home is the first thing people see, and a well-maintained brick exterior can add curb appeal and increase the value of your property. However, exposure to the weather can cause brick surfaces to fade, crack, or chip over time, making them look outdated and unattractive. This is why it’s essential to prioritize the maintenance of your home. One way to maintain your home is by painting exteriors.

Painting brick exterior surfaces can be challenging, particularly in Northern Virginia’s climate. However, with the right preparation and techniques, it is possible to transform the look of your home’s exterior and give it a fresh new look. To help you, we will provide you with some useful tips for painting exterior brick surfaces in Northern Virginia.

Tips for Painting Exterior Brick Surfaces in Northern Virginia

Clean the Surface

Before you start painting, it’s essential to clean the brick surface thoroughly. Use a power washer to effectively remove any dirt, debris, or loose paint from the surface. If there are any mold or mildew stains, use a mixture of bleach and water to remove them and allow the surface to dry completely before you start painting.

Choose the Right Paint

When choosing the right paint for your exterior brick surface, you must consider the region’s climate. In Northern Virginia, the weather can be unpredictable, with extreme temperatures and frequent rain. Therefore, it’s essential to choose a paint that can withstand the elements. Look for a high-quality exterior paint that’s designed for brick surfaces, and make sure it’s water-resistant and durable.

Use a Primer

Priming the surface is another essential step when painting exterior brick surfaces. A primer will help the paint adhere to the surface and provide a smooth finish. Just make sure to use a high-quality primer that’s specifically designed for brick surfaces. Apply the primer evenly, and allow it to dry completely before you start painting.

Use a High-Quality Paintbrush or Roller

When painting exterior brick surfaces, it’s crucial to use a high-quality paintbrush or roller. A good quality paintbrush or roller will help you achieve a smooth and even finish so choose a tool that’s specifically designed for exterior use and can handle the thickness of the paint.

Apply the Paint in Thin Layers

When applying paint to brick surfaces, it’s essential to apply it in thin layers. Thick layers of paint can lead to uneven drying and cracking. To go about this, apply the first coat of paint thinly and evenly, and allow it to dry completely before applying the second coat. Just remember that it’s better to paint in thin coats rather than in one thick one.

Allow the Paint to Dry Completely

After applying the final coat of paint, it’s essential to allow it to dry completely before you start cleaning up. Depending on the weather, it may take several hours or even a few days for the paint to dry completely. Be patient and avoid touching the surface until you’re certain that it’s completely dry.

Painting exteriors isn’t easy, but it’s not impossible. By following these tips and techniques, you can achieve a smooth and even finish that will last for years to come. Just remember to take your time, choose the right paint and tools, paint in thin coats, and allow the surface to dry completely between coats.

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