We’ve already gone over how barn doors can add rustic appeal to any home interior. These functional and fashionable doors serve as stylish, space-saving mechanisms with plenty of versatility to boot. Indeed, once you’ve decided that you want to install barn doors in your home, you might struggle to land on a design or color that suits your space. 

As with any interior decorating decision, your verdict should be informed by the rest of your room’s aesthetic. Of course, this is often easier said than done. So, let’s go over some tried and true paint color options for barn doors that may work for your home.

Why Not White?

When browsing barn doors online, you’ll come across many images of white, off-white, and distressed or faded white features. Various shades of white remain a staple for interior painting, and barn doors are no exception. This is because white tends to serve just about any color scheme, and can elegantly accent a darker wall. Additionally, the worn-down, industrial look of a distressed white barn door goes a long way toward cultivating a rustic atmosphere. If you decide to go this route, however, make sure the rest of your furniture and other interior features fit this gritty look.

Black Doors Can Create Strong Accents

On the opposite end of the spectrum, black barn doors can also provide contrast to a room without being overbearing. These doors make the strongest statement against a white wall, but black is a welcome choice in any room with lighter features. By juxtaposing your barn door with the rest of your interior spaces, you also draw a clear distinction between rooms.

Red for Rustic Charm

When we think of barns, the color red most likely comes to mind. Why not honor the root of this design trend by going for a shade of red? Of course, introducing red into your home can be risky, since highly-saturated reds can be jarring. So, you might opt for a darker or muted red that retains its barn-like look without bombarding the eye too much. Likewise, distressed red barn doors have become a popular choice for home interiors.

Go Natural

Barn doors, especially those made from wood, don’t necessarily need color. They’re already some shade of tan or brown, anyway. Wooden features have an inherent beauty that is sometimes best left untouched. And if wood plays a major role in your home already, natural barn doors may be the way to go. You may hire a painting service to stain the wood to darken the color, embellish the grain, and add some sheen so it matches the rest of your interior design and/or stands out a bit more.

Why Settle on a Single Color?

When it comes to home painting and interior design, your choices don’t have to be so cut and dried. Rather than selecting a single color for their barn doors, many homeowners focus on door design instead. You can find many examples of barn doors that feature multiple colors and shades, zigzagging panels, asymmetrical tiling, unique designs, and other idiosyncratic qualities. In a way, these outside-the-box barn doors serve as interesting wall art while still retaining their function as sliding doors.

It’s All About Preference

In the end, you can choose whatever color (or colors) for your barn doors you please. The options listed above are merely suggestions. If you want more advice on choosing colors for your barn doors, reach out to licensed interior painting contractors who know their stuff. 

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