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A business must always look its best for its customers and employees alike, and a fresh coat of paint is one of the largest contributors to this. Companies employ commercial painting contractors to at least repaint the walls every few years or as needed. However, these services can provide much more than these basic operations. Let’s examine some of the other ways a business can employ commercial painting services.

Revitalize Your Conference Rooms

Painting an office’s walls makes the space feel more fresh and alive, but if the walls remain the same shade of white they’ve always been, even a fresh coat won’t make much of an impact on staff morale. Before you have your painting contractors get to work, consult them about different color options. If you have ideas of your own, they’ll be happy to paint the space whatever colors you prefer. Or, if you’re not sure what you want, they might be able to help you pick out the right colors.

Even a slight change in color can dramatically alter the atmosphere of a conference room or office space. It’s worth thinking about implementing bolder colors like greens, oranges, and blues. In this way, your commercial painting provider won’t just paint the space, they’ll transform it.

Make Stairwells and Hallways Brighter

Painting isn’t just about aesthetics. It serves a purpose as well. A commercial building with staircases and halls must not neglect these spaces. For one thing, they often receive the most traffic from staff, clients, and customers. The more active use a space receives, the more damage it takes over time. Stairwells, in particular, can also become hazardous if not painted and kept bright. People can slip, trip, or miss steps as a result of poor maintenance.

So, while you might be more focused on your office’s walls, think about the hallways and stairwells, too. Your commercial painting service will also take care of these spaces, making them brighter, cleaner, and safer for all.

Maintain Your Office Space Inside and Out

Your office must look great on the inside, of course, but not at the expense of its exterior. The outside of your building is the first thing customers and clients will see, and the first thing employees must witness before coming into work. An old, dull, drab exterior sets a poor tone for everyone who comes inside, even if the interior is pristine. Make sure your painting company also takes care of exterior painting. This will make your entire space more cohesive and welcoming, inside and out.

Repairs, Replacements, and More?

Commercial painting companies should obviously take care of any and all painting duties, but what else? If your painting company can perform other useful tasks, you’ve hit the jackpot. Before hiring one, see if they provide any other services, such as repairs, cleaning, or more. This will save you time and money, as you can one-stop-shop for a reliable service to revamp your building.

All American Painting Plus, Inc. is one such company. Not only do we specialize in interior and exterior commercial painting, we also provide drywall repair, rotted wood replacement, wallpaper removal, power washing, and carpentry finishing services. For all your commercial needs, call us at 703-620-5563, or email us at info@aapplus.com for an estimate!


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