When it comes to interior paint colors, white is often the first option we consider. This is because it is often the best choice. Though simple and relatively common, white is the color of walls around the world because it is one of the most practical and functional colors (or, shall we say, ABSENCE of colors) available. We’ve got nothing against all of the blessed hues of the rainbow, but when a homeowner calls All American Painting Plus asking for advice about interior paint colors, we often tell them to go with white. Here’s why.

What White Paint Can Do For a Room

White paint is beautiful, versatile, accessible and affordable. In addition to these generalities:

  1. White Paint Makes Rooms Seem Bigger. If you have a small room that tends to feel cramped, white is the color for you. Many homeowners who live in houses that were built more than thirty or forty years ago are living in spaces that were not constructed with contemporary housing layouts in mind. Modern homeowners want open floorplans and long sightlines. In the days of yore, these were not priorities that homeowners would understand. If you live in one such house and long for clear, uninterrupted space, white paint is a great way to create that sensation, without requiring you to knock out loadbearing walls. Don’t rule out white paint if you are happy with the size of your rooms as they currently exist, though.


  • White Paint Makes Rooms Brighter. All American Painting Plus painting contractors rarely talk to homeowners who are happy with the natural light their rooms receive. Some houses are designed to maximize daily sunlight, but these are expensive and in the minority. If you have a home that is darker than you would prefer, white paint can create the illusion of brightness. Dark colors create a subdued effect, often seeming to take the brightness out of natural and electric light. White paint does just the opposite, making it perfect for offices, sunrooms and anywhere else you want to cultivate a bright, cheerful energy.


  • White Paint Goes With Everything. No matter how you furnish your room, white paint will go with those colors. White is the universal matcher. It’s why you see it used so frequently in formal and professional settings. It’s how we create elegance without breaking the bank. However, white paint is far from stodgy. It is an attractive addition to any room, even if it is meant to have a more relaxed atmosphere. White paint simply plays well with others. If you don’t know what color to choose, just go with white.

Your job isn’t over once you’ve chosen white paint. White exterior paint and interior paint comes in many different shades, brightness levels, finishes and qualities. Nonetheless, once you’ve decided on white, your job is halfway done. If you need help applying it, All American Painting Plus is here to help. We know everything there is to know about white paint, and we can make your home more attractive, useful and valuable in no time!