With the 2017 Inauguration Day approaching, a lot of people have white houses on the brain. All American Painting Plus isn’t going to get into the weeds of political opinion, but we are more than happy to give our customers some advice about white paint for the home or business. Turns out, white paint is the most versatile paint color of all!

White Paint for Interior Painting

All American Painting Plus loves color, but we also have a tremendous appreciation for the power of white paint. White can make any room appear bigger and brighter. It can make a low ceiling seem a little higher. It’s affordable and it goes with everything.

White paint also plays well with color. If you are trying to figure out which colors to use throughout your home, consider adding a little white. If three out of four living room walls are white, your chosen color becomes an exciting accent! If you’ve chosen to paint your entire study a sober burgundy, painting the ceiling white can keep the atmosphere from being too sleepy.

Types of White

A common misconception about white paint is “White is white.” We hear it all the time. In reality, there are many different types of white, each appropriate for a different function or setting.

There are many different names for white paint, depending on the paint manufacturer in which you are interested. Typically, names like “Bright White”, “Eggshell” and “Soft White” will be universal, but you’ll also see proprietary shades with names like “Creamy”, “Ivory” and “Cool”.

It’s important to understand what you want from your white paint. Do you want a bright white to energize a room, or a soft white to provide a more relaxing atmosphere? Once you know what you want your white paint to accomplish, it’s important to make sure its appearance will match your expectations.

If you are painting on wood or drywall, take a sample of this material to the paint store to see how the paint looks when applied. Take these samples back home and notice how the paint appears in the light. Is it too bright? Not bright enough?

You’ll also have to select a finish. You might want a matte finish, or a glossy look that really gleams. Talk to your paint supplier and look at reviews online to understand how this paint performs when it comes to fingerprints and dust. Many of these same questions can help you decide which shade of white is best suited for your exterior painting needs.

If that all seems like a dizzying array of options, just talk with the painting contractors at All American Painting Plus. We have incredible amounts of experience, and we know just how white paint behaves in all kinds of situations.

We can help you prepare for a small DIY project, or schedule a time to come to your house and paint the entire home. Let All American Painting Plus help you achieve a striking, beautiful white paint look. It’s a classic way to add sophistication and beauty to your home.