Some of the most creative minds in the country work in Northern Virginia businesses. If you are a business owner or a team leader, you can help unleash that creativity and the synergy from team collaboration by providing plenty of space for “doodling” on a wall.

We all doodle. Lincoln doodled on the back of an envelope. Some of history’s greatest thinkers, from Steve Jobs to John F. Kennedy and Henry Ford, used doodling to unlock creativity and simplify recall. Doodling is a good thing in the office. And now you can give all your great thinker’s as much space as they need to express themselves with whiteboard paint.

At All American Painting Plus, an award-winning Reston-based commercial painting company, we have applied whiteboard paint in conference rooms and “open office” environments for businesses located from Alexandria to Dulles. There’s something magical about writing and drawing on walls and other previously forbidden surfaces that brings out collaboration.

Four Ways Whiteboards Make a Difference:

  • Enhances team building
  • Improves productivity and creativity
  • Improves employee confidence and willingness to engage
  • Reduces stress

If your business needs a boost, if you would like to see a spike in enthusiasm, if you want to be amazed by employees you thought couldn’t amaze you – install some whiteboard space.

Whiteboard/Dry Erase Paint Basics

The benefits of whiteboard paint are numerous, but you will want to use professional painters for this interior painting project. There are some challenges in preparing the surface, mixing the paint, and ensuring there isn’t any excessive glare.

If you have a lot of natural light opposite of the surface you want to turn into a dry erase space, it’s probably a wise decision to apply a test strip to see how much, if any, glare appears at various times of day. If you are applying the paint in a room that is regularly used for video conferencing, you want to ensure your audience can easily see the wall with no glare.

Whiteboard paint relies on a surface that is smooth as a baby’s bottom to adhere correctly. Our crew will repair any defects (dents, scratches, holes) and then sand the wall and wipe it dry with a tack cloth to remove any dust.

One of the reasons you want a painter experienced in whitewall paint preparing is the paint’s propensity for trapping air in the mixing process. This air can then become a bubble and eventually pit the surface, making it difficult to erase.

Another reason you want an experienced hand applying this paint is it sets quickly. There is no going back and “touching up.” It has to be done right the first time.
Once the paint is applied, it needs two to seven days, depending on the brand, to cure before you can mark on it.

All of the whiteboard paints currently on the market are low volatile organic compounds (low VOC), meaning they will not have an adverse effect on air quality in the space where they are applied. The paint has a ten-year warranty and All American Painting Plus provides a two-year warranty on labor.

If it’s time to bring out the best ideas your people have (don’t forget your own office!), give the leading commercial and residential painting contractors at All American Painting Plus a call today and arrange a site inspection. We are confident that you will be impressed with the affordability of our detailed painting estimate.