There’s no denying that wallpaper exudes vintage charm. Indeed, some interiors benefit from this dated look. But maybe you’re not so keen on your wall coverings anymore, or maybe you’ve just moved into a place that still boasts wallpaper throughout and you have a different aesthetic in mind. Whatever the case, if you plan on painting your walls instead, the first step is tearing down that wallpaper. 

While this might seem like a simple task, it’s actually much easier said than done. And if you’re not careful, you might end up spending more time and effort on your interior painting project than you initially planned. So, if wallpaper is standing in the way of a fresh paint job, hiring a pro is the way to go. Let’s explore why professional wallpaper removal is a must before painting.

The Perils of Painting Over Wallpaper

You might wonder why removing your wallpaper is even necessary. Why not simply paint over it? After all, high-quality paint is thick enough to cover up any designs that might otherwise try to poke through. While painting over wallpaper is certainly possible, professional painters will almost always advise against it, especially if you’re thinking about the long term.

The first pitfall of painting over wallpaper is that the paint might not adhere as well to the material. When clean and dry, drywall, wood, and other construction materials are ideal surfaces for various types of paint. When painting over wallpaper, however, you run the risk of your paint peeling off as the underlying paper deteriorates or comes unglued to the wall. You can mitigate this concern by securing any loose portions of wallpaper and applying primer to the surface before painting, but it’s not ideal.

The other major issue with painting over wallpaper is that you may be neglecting important surface repairs. By removing the wallpaper instead, you can get an unfiltered look at the condition of your walls. This will allow you to fix up any damages and properly clean your surfaces so they’re in good condition for painting.

Wallpaper Removal: Why Not Do It Yourself?

So, wallpaper removal is a good idea if you’re going to paint. But why spend the money on professional services? Can’t you just do it on your own?

In short, yes. You can certainly tear down your own wallpaper, but understand that properly performing this duty requires the proper tools, technique, and patience. Simply ripping away your wallpaper will likely damage your walls and leave a sticky mess that’s anything but conducive to painting. Whether you plan on doing your own painting or hiring interior painting contractors, you don’t want to make the job more difficult or time-consuming.

Why Professional Wallpaper Removal Is a Must

By hiring a professional, you’re ensuring that every inch of wallpaper gets removed efficiently with little to no damage done to your surfaces. How do they do it? First, they have all the tools they need on hand, including but not limited to:

  • Wallpaper removal solution
  • Scraper
  • Pan
  • Perforator
  • Drop cloth(s)
  • Paint roller
  • Water bucket

The contractor will prepare the area by laying down their drop cloths and gathering the tools they need for easy access. Then, they’ll perforate the wallpaper, creating holes that help the wallpaper removal solution (applied via paint roller) penetrate the material from the inside. Once the solution has fully soaked in, sections of the wallpaper will easily disengage from the surface. The stubborn pieces can then be scraped away. Before painting services can do their thing, though, the wall needs to be properly scrubbed with a sponge and warm water and let dry.

When the job is done properly, you’ll be left with a clean, clear, dry surface that’s ideal for a coat of paint that will last. And once you’re done painting, onlookers will never know that wallpaper was ever there to begin with. Isn’t that worth hiring a pro?

At All American Painting Plus, we can safely remove your wallpaper and provide a quality paint job in one package deal. Don’t hire multiple businesses to renovate your home when we can handle all of it. To learn more about us and everything else we offer our clients in Northern Virginia, give us a call at (703) 620-5563!