When Winter approaches, we huddle indoors, drink tea and hot cocoa, and sit by the fire, only braving the elements when absolutely necessary. Our home protects us from the cold, icy season, but what’s protecting it? Winter can do all kinds of damage on a home’s exterior, especially if you don’t prepare. Here are some preventative measures you can take this Winter to guard your house so it still looks great in the Spring.

Seal and Paint Over Wood

Wood doesn’t do so well in the Winter months. The cold weather and dry air cause the material to contract, commonly resulting in cracks and splintering. Then, when snow lands on the wood, moisture seeps into the cracks, freezes, and causes further damage. To prevent this, it’s wise to paint and/or seal over all exposed wood surfaces.

Sealing with a polyurethane solution is great if you want to maintain the natural grain look of the wood and still keep moisture out. Make sure you sand the wood nice and smooth before applying stain and sealant. You may want to apply multiple coats to ensure that the harsh weather has little effect on your wood. Contact exterior house painting services if you’re unsure of how to properly go through this process.

Caulk the Windows

You want to protect your home from the weather, but you also want to keep the interior warm. By applying caulk, you’re sealing the small spaces in between the windows or doors and the outside. This prevents air from leaking in or out of the home. Your home will stay warmer during the Winter, and you’ll save on your energy bill by preventing that heat from escaping.

If you find old caulk around your windows, consider having it removed before applying more. This can usually be done with a knife. Caulk remover gel can help with hardened, stubborn caulk. Some painting services offer caulking and sealing services as well.

Clear the Gutters

Protecting your home’s exterior during the Winter isn’t just about exterior painting, sealing, or caulking. Cleaning plays a role, too. Gutters get filled and gunked up during Autumn from rain and falling leaves. If not cleaned, your gutters will have a hard time draining snow water or melting ice during the colder months. Leaves and dirt get stiff from the cold, water leaks over the gutters and freezes into icicles. These icicles can damage your gutters or rip them off completely.

Mitigate this by having your gutters cleaned before it gets too cold. A clear drainage system keeps water away from your home’s exterior and interior. This will protect your home painting job as well.

The Winter months, more than any other time of year, can potentially do the most damage to your home, inside and out. Make sure you prepare accordingly. By painting over and sealing wooden surfaces, caulking windows and doors, and clearing gutters of debris, your home will be better equipped for the wind, cold, and snow to come.

Both before and after Winter, you’ll want a painting service who can provide some of these preventative and restorative services to keep your home’s exterior fresh and safe. The professional painters at All American Painting Plus, Inc. offer interior and exterior painting services as well as power washing, carpentry and moulding finish, rotten wood replacement, drywall repair, and more! Call us at 703-620-5563, or email us at info@aapplus.com for an estimate!