Winter can present some real challenges for businesses in Northern Virginia.

There are the obvious problems that are brought on by the weather (Fairfax averages 21 inches of snow) that will affect attendance by employees and walk-in traffic of customers. More employees will call in sick and more customers will rest at home rather than shop. Weather-related conditions will cause delays in business travel, meetings, and customer deliveries.

You can plan for these events and adapt operations to ensure they have minimal impact on your overall productivity. But there is another challenge that is much more difficult to deal with.

The winter blahs.

Firing Up Employees and Customers

It starts in the first week of January after all the hoopla of the holidays and New Year celebrations are over. When all the lights and decorations come down, and people are faced with overcast skies, cold weather, and credit card bills from a season of overspending, it’s understandable if their normally positive outlooks are a bit dampened.

But there is a bright side to January. It’s a new year. It’s a time for new beginnings, and it’s amazing how big a role that professional painting contractors like Reston-based All American Painting Plus can play in dispelling the dreaded winter blahs.

Strategically applied interior painting can entirely change the mood of a space. It can boost employee spirits, refresh a business’s showroom, and get everyone thinking about the future rather than that sleety drizzle that’s currently falling and sure to make the commute home treacherous.

A new look, a new feel in the workspace signals positive change. For a business office it says, “We are going to make this year our best ever.” For Northern Virginia retail shops, fresh wall colors announce new inventory and a great new shopping experience.

Interior Painting – A Little or a Lot

To get the benefit of a “new look,” you don’t have to have an interior painter working in every space. For an office building, provide new looks where everyone will see them. Hallways, break rooms, conference rooms, reception areas, and even restrooms get a ton of traffic. If you have an open office design, you may want to consider making one wall an accent wall that creates a new feel for the space.

If you have a retail shop, you can use this opportunity to give your display areas a whole new look. Don’t be afraid to use a color other than the institutional favorite, eggshell white. All American Painting Plus has over a decade of experience providing painting services to commercial customers and can tell you what’s hot in retail colors.

Of course, if it has been a while since your office or shop has had a new coat of paint, you may want to consider repainting the entire interior. If you have walls that are scratched or damaged or if your ceiling is looking a bit dingy, now is an excellent time to “recharge” your operation with a new coat of paint.

If you’re ready to head off the winter blahs, give us a call today. Our professionals can make recommendations to refresh your business for a surprisingly affordable price. We will give you a detailed painting estimate and a guaranteed completion time. Call us now and experience the difference that All American Painting Plus brings to professional painting services.

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